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Different Ways to Contribute for the Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

So, September has arrived and if you are aware, it is an awareness month for the thyroid cancer along with some other cancers. The observance for the thyroid cancer awareness month began in 2000, but at that time it was observed as a week. It was in 2003 that the awareness week got expanded to a month. And since then, events, campaigns and many other support programs have been organized to spread the word and promote early diagnosis for the cause.

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Show Your Support for Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer has become the greatest cause of deaths among children in various countries and the number is on an increase. According to the surveys, the cases of childhood cancer have increased by 29% in the last 20 years. You will just be surprised to know that a child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes; that means around 25000 kids are diagnosed with cancer every month. The count is just big and there is the need to put a stop to it. So, educating the people and fundraising the research has become really crucial to deal with the cause.

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Breastfeeding Week Wristbands to Celebrate the Week and Raise Awareness

All of you must be aware that how much the breastfeeding is important for the proper development and well-being of a child, but many few of you will be known for the fact that it also leads to the development of the nation. Taking this into consideration, the theme for World Breastfeeding Week 2016 has been chosen, which represents breastfeeding as a key element for the sustainable development.

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