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Medical Alert Bracelets: Saving Lives in An Emergency

If you suffer from certain medical conditions, your doctor may recommend that you get a medical alert bracelet.

What do you understand by the term a medical alert bracelet?

It’s a small identification tag worn as a bracelet or a necklace by a patient that bears important medical information.

In addition to medical information, the tag may have a phone number that you can contact a physician or the patient’s caregiver or his or her next of kin.

A medical alert bracelet is of great importance to people with medical conditions such as allergies, epilepsy, memory impairment, diabetes, blood disorders, high blood pressure, and rare diseases, among others.

Here are some life-saving benefits of a medical alert bracelet.

1. It Eliminates Unnecessary Trips to the Hospital

As an individual with a severe medical condition, you would want to limit the number of trips you make to the hospital.

The medical alert bracelet alerts your doctor on the critical instances that you require medical attention. This will save you from making unnecessary hospital trips, which tend to be costly and time-consuming.

2. It Reduces Superfluous Hospital Admissions

Having a medical alert bracelet saves you from unnecessary hospital admissions because the medical personnel treating you will have a background history of your medical information.

This will enable them to quickly point out your health issue, thus saving you from unnecessary hospital admissions.

3. It Prevents Minor Emergencies from Becoming Something Major

Imagine a situation whereby a person with hypertension gets a heart attack. If they don’t have a medical alert bracelet, it would be difficult to contact their doctor. Therefore the situation can escalate to the point of death.

However, if you have a medical alert bracelet, it will be easier to contact your doctor in case of a medical emergency.

4. In Cases of Emergencies, the Medical Alert Bracelet Speaks For You

A medical bracelet acts as a second mouth for you in situations when you cannot talk. For instance, imagine if you get into an accident and sustained severe head injuries. At the same time, you have severe allergies that the doctors attending to you need to know.

If you don’t have a medical alert bracelet, the medical personnel might administer medication which will worsen your situation.

If you had a medical alert bracelet with information about your allergies, then it would provide the necessary information that doctors require to administer the proper treatment.

5. It Protects You from Potentially Harmful Medical Errors

Medical emergencies may arise anywhere, especially if you have specific medical conditions. For example, take these three patients. One has a rare disease, the other has diabetes, and the third suffers from severe allergies.

How do medical alert bracelets protect the patients from potential medical errors?

They provide information to the doctor of the kind of allergies the patient has. That way, the doctor knows what treatments to avoid.

In case of a diabetic patient, the doctor will distinguish whether the patient has diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus. This way if the patient becomes comatose, the doctor will know the right treatment.

Rare diseases cause allergic reactions to specific treatments administered. Medical alert bracelets help inform the doctor treating you of your rare medical condition.

6. It Ensures Effective Treatment

Medical alert bracelets play a vital role in ensuring you get the right medical treatment. For instance, if you have a medical alert bracelet that shows you have had cancer in the past, it will be easy to make a quick diagnosis in case it reoccurs.

Sometimes, it’s easy to make mistakes in diagnosis. You might mistake certain signs and symptoms for a particular ailment while they belong to another.

The medical information engraved on a medical alert bracelet acts as a guide for a doctor while making a medical diagnosis. This way, you can receive the correct medical treatment.

7. It Provides Evidence of a Medical Condition as a Requirement by the Law Enforcement

Medical bracelets have proved to be very efficient in proving the existence of a medical condition in a given individual.

For instance, people who suffer from memory impairment or mental disorders might, at times, find themselves in trouble with law enforcement. They might do something that violates the law without their knowledge.

In such a case, such an individual requires getting the right medical treatment for his condition. But how can law enforcement officers prove he is mentally impaired? A medical bracelet comes in handy at such a situation.

8. It’s an Essential Medical Tool for Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs require special attention. Let’s say you have a child with such a condition as autism. The child may not express his or herself entirely in case of a medical emergency.

In such a case, those around him or her, such as teachers will know how to respond to the child’s needs by using the information of the medical alert bracelet.

9. It Informs the Medical Personnel of Preexisting Medical Conditions

If you suffer from medical conditions such as asthma, kidney failure, epilepsy, among others, it’s crucial to have a medical bracelet.

It not only informs the doctor of your preexisting medical condition before administering treatment.

Besides, in case you would collapse or have a medical emergency, those around you will give the appropriate first aid procedures before getting you to a medical facility.

How Can You Tell The Best Medical Alert Bracelet To Use?

While getting a medical alert bracelet, choose one that is easily identified by medical personnel and the people around you.

It’s important to do your research first to avoid buying cheap promotional medical alert bracelets that will not serve you for long.

Instead, get a medical alert bracelet that you can easily access, and the information engraved can be understood.

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