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How to Design the Perfect Rubber Bracelet for a Cause

You’ve seen them before. People wearing bright, silicone bracelets that have some kind of message or design on them.

What are they used for? The answer is that the rubber bracelet for a cause is used to raise awareness and get attention for something important! 

Do you want to start using them for your business or a cause you are passionate about?

If so, keep reading to see how you can create, design, and spread the bracelets of your choice.

How Can Rubber Bracelets Raise Awareness?

First introduced in the 1980s, rubber bracelets have been widely used. In 2004, Lance Armstrong popularized the idea of using rubber bracelets to raise awareness.

The reason that these bracelets work is that they stand out, they are uniform, and they are easily distributable.

Standing Out Amongst the Rest

If you see someone, or even a group of people, wearing a bright and eye-catching bracelet, you’re probably going to wonder what it is.

You can create your own colors, looks, and designs to help your bracelets look like none of the others before it.

This helps build excitement and with the excitement comes awareness.

They All Look the Same

Whenever you see groups of people out in public wearing the same thing, you are automatically going to think about what they are trying to do. Are they supporting something? Are they protesting something?

The reason for this is that when things are out of the ordinary, we tend to pay more attention.

If we see a bunch of people wearing the same rubber bracelets, we are going to look more closely and wonder why we don’t have one too.

Having a unified and uniform bracelet for everyone that is supporting your cause is a great way to not only get more attention but also to make sure people understand what it is all about.

Easy to Get the Word Out

Rubber bracelets are easy to make and are one size fits all. This means you can make a bunch of them and hand them out all over the place!

Since we already know your bracelets are attention grabbing and will cause excitement, the main thing is to be sure that we are getting them out there and getting people to want to wear them.

Having a great design is one of the best ways to do that.

How to Design a Rubber Bracelet for a Cause

People of all ages like rubber bracelets, so it makes it a little easier when your audience can be so broad.

Silicone rubber is a really versatile type of material, which is why it is so broadly used. Rubber jewelry has started to become more popular and rubber bracelets, in particular, are an inexpensive way to still be fashionable and support a good cause.

There is a really simple and fast molding process used in the bracelets that allows a lot of them to be made at once with the same design. You can have unique messages, colors, and sizes that reflect what you want.

The potential for creativity is really broad when you think about the types of design modifications you can have and how efficient it is to make a ton of these bracelets at once.

Production Process

Bracelets can be made with other types of synthetic materials, but it is also possible to make it exclusively with silicone.

Silicone is a substance that is water resistant and flexible due to the bonded polymer with numerous elastomeric qualities. It also is pretty heat resistant but doesn’t always last in excessive UV light.

Bracelets are usually dyed before the molding process and can be one color, multiple colors, or a rainbow effect.

All bracelets are usually cut at 7 or 8.5 inches long. They can be thicker, but usually, they are about half an inch thick.

There are a few different ways to get your message onto the bracelets, including:

  • Debossed – This is the most common format where the words are actually imprinted into the silicone mold. 
  • Embossed – This is when the words are raised up instead of being imprinted, but appear in a similar way to debossing.
  • Screen printed – A silk-screen printer is used to apply text to the surface of the bracelet in a different color. 
  • Color debossed/Ink-filled – The difference with this and regular debossing is that the words have a different color embedded in them, making them easier to read.

All of these are great options to get your message onto the bracelet and each of them has slightly different price points based on the difficulty.

The most important thing to remember about the design is that it should be reflective of your main purpose, whether it is a business, a cause you care about, or something else entirely.

Ready to Create the Perfect Bracelets?

Now that you know more about how to create a rubber bracelet for a cause or how it can be effective, you may be interested in doing it for yourself.

The good news is that it is really quite simple to get an order going for this type of product and they are often made in bulk! That way you can get a lot of them at once and you can start getting the word out as soon as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how these can help your cause or business, feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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