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Are Rubber Bracelets a Fashion Statement?

Do you remember how everyone in your school had rubber bracelets growing up? They were popular in the 2000s because their bright colors and low cost attracted children to them like a beacon. They’re still around to this day because they’re an inexpensive promotional item for companies and organizations alike.

Many people will wear one from an organization that they care a lot about. Some people just have a random junk drawer full of them because they can’t stop receiving new ones. If you’re the one with a drawer full, the good news is you can make them work for you.

Here are a few ways that you can make a new rubber bracelet into an awesome fashion statement.

1. Try to Stick to One Color

When you’re trying to wear rubber bracelets, there will be a temptation to wear as many colors as possible on your wrists. Rubber bracelets are colorful already so when you pile them on, they just become overwhelming to the eyes.

If you’re just the type of person who loves a lot of colors, that’s fine. Just try to not wear more than three different ones on a single wrist otherwise you may look like a walking advertisement for Crayola.

2. It Can Work as an Accent

It can be a bit strange to wear a rubber bracelet to a formal event but if you must then nobody can stop you. Except for maybe your significant other or mom, but if you wear the bracelet as an accent they won’t even notice that you’re wearing it.

To this end, you don’t want it to stand out too much so you want it to match the color of your suit or dress. You can also use it as a little pop of color and match it to your shoes or other accessories.

3. Wear One at a Time

The best way to avoid tackiness is by wearing one bracelet at a time. If you’re wearing one that has a charm on it this is the best way to show that off. If you’re wearing a stack of bracelets nobody will really be able to see it.

The most you’ll want to wear is one on each wrist if you’re trying to be more subtle with your look.

4. Stack Them

On the flip side of this, you can wear a huge stack of bracelets. It can look tacky depending on how you do it though. Madonna made this look popular in the 80’s by wearing them all the way up her arm.

Her rubber bracelets were all black though. So if you want to copy this look, you can have them all be one color. Again, this look doesn’t really work if your rubber bracelets have charms or you’re trying to promote brands that you like.

5. Connect Them

Another trend you probably noticed when you were a kid was that the children who wore them would connect several of them to make one bracelet. Overlap them like a ven diagram on a hard surface. Take the right side of the left bracelet and drag it over the left side of the right bracelet and repeat with the other side.

The end result will be a hole in the middle that you should be able to fit your hand through.

6. Wear them According to Your Outfit

You want to wear them differently depending on what sort of outfit you’re wearing. If it’s more of a casual beach day or a mall outing with friends then you can make them stand out as much as you want.

Wearing a black top? Then we give you permission to wear a highlighter orange rubber bracelet. We got into formal a little bit above but it goes without saying that if you’re trying to be formal, you’ll leave the highlighter colors at home.

When wearing a rubber bracelet with a formal suit, allow it to peak just above your cufflink without fully exposing it.

7. Bracelet/Watch Combo

For some people, wearing something on each wrist feels strange. They would rather bulk down one wrist than space their accessories out. If you’re one of these people then you can have your cake and eat it too by wearing your rubber bracelet with a watch.

If you go with a subtle color bracelet it could actually give off a complete look. Also, fewer people will criticize you for wearing a rubber bracelet if you’re also wearing a watch like the responsible adult society expects you to be.

8. Promote a Brand

Is there an organization that you’re always giving money to or does your child’s high school chorus give out rubber bracelets as part of a fundraiser? If yes, it is perfectly acceptable for you to promote these organizations by wearing one.

Again, if you’re wearing one for this purpose, then you want to steer clear of wearing multiple ones on one wrist or nobody will be able to tell what organization you’re supporting.

Can You Make a New Rubber Bracelet a Fashion Statement?

While you may feel like rubber bracelets went out of fashion years ago, they are still going strong. So, if you still have a drawer full of them, don’t feel ashamed for breaking them out and making them into your own fashion statement. Use these tips for wearing a new rubber bracelet to promote a brand you care about or just match it with your favorite outfit.

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