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9 Tips to Create the Perfect Slogan for Your Merchandise

What is a slogan? A slogan is a phrase that concisely summarizes the core of your product or service. Hence a slogan communicates the key benefit of your company.

Slogans can be fun and memorable; others can be inspirational like a product philosophy. On average, the number of words per slogan of S&P 500 companies is four. The majority of the slogans have four words or less.

The importance of a tagline cannot be underestimated; eight out of ten people will read a tagline if they come across your advertisements.

If you want to create the perfect slogan for your merchandise, there are several things you need to consider. First, you need to ensure that the slogan is relatable and shows what products and services you offer. Secondly, when you create a slogan, ensure that it is short, simple, and easy to remember.

1. Simple and Short

When creating a slogan, you want to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Your company slogan will create the first impression and awareness. You need to have a catchy, easy to remember slogan that can be associated with what you believe in.

When you create a slogan, aim at using one sentence to summarize the message. Your slogan should tell the consumers what product you are selling. If you have an idea of using one word to sum up what you are doing, then stick to that.

2. Have a Timeless Slogan

When you think of a tagline for your business, think about its longevity.

You want to create a slogan that can be used for some length of time. When starting your business, you always envision it being an empire. 

If you want your business to still be relevant in the next few years, then your slogan needs to be relevant too.

There will always be changes in technology and new inventions will always be created. Hence, to remain relevant, avoid using words like “the only,” as this could limit your growth.

3. Pair It with a Creative Logo

When you want to capture the attention of your target customers, pair your company slogan with a creative logo.

Ensure that the logo and the slogan complement each other and that they represent one idea. Make both the logo and the slogan simple and easy to remember.

Additionally, ensure that both the slogan and the logo tell a similar story and show people what your business is all about.

Having a logo that stands out ensures that people can remember it and associate it with your business. Even when you change the tagline, people will still know the business because of the logo.

4. Consider Your Target Audience

Think of the targeted customers or consumers you want your business to reach.

Is your business targeting people in your country, local area, or are you planning to be international? Then create a slogan that aligns with all the cultural backgrounds of the different people you’ll be targeting.

Ensure that when your slogan is translated into another language, it doesn’t sound awkward. Make sure it still makes sense and does not offend anyone. You can hire a translator to translate your slogan into different languages and ensure that the meaning does not get lost in translation.

5. Show What Makes Your Brand Great and Special

When creating a logo, think of its unique advantage

  • What makes your company special?
  • What services do you offer that make you stand out?

Incorporate that in the slogan to make your customers feel appreciated and involved in anything that you are doing. Look for something that makes you stand out.

Think about your services. Is there anything special and unique that your company does to keep the customers happy? Then use that as your slogan as people will be able to associate with it.

6. Make Sure Your Slogan Can Stand Alone

In your business, the ultimate goal is to get enough customers to make a profit. You can’t make a profit if people can’t tell what services or products you are selling. Ensure that your slogan can stand on its own and tells the message of what you do.

Your slogan should be able to explain to people what services or products they will get from your company. Even without them looking at your services, they have an idea of what you provide.

7. Be Consistent

Use the same logo and slogan in all the products that are produced by the company.

You don’t want to have a case where one of your products has a different slogan from the other. This can create confusion, and your customers may not even know if the products are from the same company.

Use a similar logo and slogan when marketing all your products in any country. The only thing that you should change is the color background or the color of the slogan and logo. This will create a new look to the products but still maintain your unique brand.

8. Create a Slogan with Honesty

Honesty is one of the keys to a successful business as it helps build trust in your brand.

If you think you can deliver high-quality products and services, then create a slogan that says that without appearing egocentric. When people realize that you sound full of yourself, chances are they will not be interested in your products.

Ensure that you don’t overpraise yourself and not deliver things as you said you would.

Don’t put too much effort on your slogan by making people feel like your company is a big deal and then fail in your delivery.

9. Use Humor

Jokes can create a lasting impression. When you hear a funny business slogan, you will be enticed to know what they offer. You will be interested in learning more about the brand since it made you laugh.

Although it’s not a must for you to have a sense of humor in delivering a message, sometimes it pays off.

Ensure that the joke used is unique and still shows what your business is all about.

Bottom Line

Create a slogan that is catchy, edgy, fun, and creative. Having a slogan creates awareness for your business. For example, a wristband with your logo and slogan can help people know about your business, not to mention it is also a trendy fashion statement.

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