Customized Items

How to Brand Customized Items (The Right Way!)

Are you planning to distribute branded custom items at the next corporate event? Customization and personalization are the hottest trends in business right now. However, a study says 50% of businesses are only somewhat or aren’t confident about their ability to create customized experiences.

If you feel the same way, don’t worry about it. Below, we’ve got a few tips on branding and selecting customized items. Keep reading and you’ll never have to worry about making a bad investment with custom items again.

1. Start with Your Plan and Budget

Before anything else, it’s always important to have an intimate knowledge of your budget and plan. Begin the process with a rough plan. Brainstorm with colleagues who understand the complexities of customized marketing.

If you plan to get customized items for gifts during an event, make sure it fits the budget. Planning the event alone can use up all your financial resources. Don’t forget to set aside a part of the budget for ordering your guests’ gifts.

What if you want custom items to sell as merchandise? It’s the same thing but most of your budget gets focused on the items.

The bottom line is to understand your budget well to avoid overspending.

2. Research 

We can’t stress this point enough. Before you commit to anything, research first. Even a little research can get you a long way.

Research everything from the custom items to the recipients. Research how well it will stick, for how long, and if it’s recommended for your brand. Will it make an impact at all and is it memorable enough?

If you plan to sell customized items as merchandise, research is even more necessary. You must know what’s going to sell and who’s going to buy it. Demographic knowledge is one of the barriers to getting started with customized products.

Research only takes an hour or two. That much time can give you vital information about an item that can make or break your event and/or brand. Plus, when you research, you get an idea of what other companies like to use and how you can make your brand stand out.

3. Create a Selection of Customizable Items 

By this point, you should’ve already researched the customizable items you can get. Now, create a list or selection of the items you want to put out there. Don’t forget about their relevance to your customer, event, and brand.

Are you hitting a blank about which will make the most impact? Start with a list of the most mundane yet useful items. Umbrellas, tote bags, and hoodies are a popular choice for this.

If you want to invest in novelty items, go for it. Choose a bobblehead, a funny sign, or a lava lamp. They may be useless but they’re often interesting, humorous, and make great display items.

4. Diversify Customized Items

At the beginning of the winter, you already used branded scarves as your promo items. Next winter, try something new. You don’t want your clients to get bored with the things you offer them.

You’ve already given away branded t-shirts to your employees on the last anniversary. Now, it’s time for something new to give away. Go from something useful to something weird, like a horse mask.

Remember, it’s all in how you build up interest in your brand. There’s nothing wrong with getting branded caps every summer, but it gets old and predictable. This summer, try business branding with custom bracelets that glow in the dark instead.

5. Maintain Quality Items

Be wary of the cheapest options. Cheap isn’t always good, especially when we’re talking about customized items. In business, always focus on quality over quantity.

As we said before, a little research goes a long way. This includes checking samples of the items you’re going to use for customized items in person. Make sure you get to wear a sample for a trial period.

Looking at them up close and personal will give you a sense of their quality.

Let’s say you plan to distribute medical alert bracelets. Check a sample for any irritability issues or fading of text during a trial period. It’ll give you an idea about the quality of the bracelet and how long a recipient should wear it.

In another example, you want to distribute t-shirts to your employees during the company anniversary. Make sure you pick a custom t-shirt with quality fabric and a good cut. There’s no doubt your employees will appreciate the attention to detail.

6. Keep Graphics and Logos Flexible

Have you got a loud and colorful logo? Well, that’s difficult to put on most things. Here is where some brands experience problems.

When you’re choosing customized items for business, always consider your logo.

What if you have a logo that isn’t very flexible? Start with items that offer colors that can complement or match your logo. White items make a great choice for colorful logos.

Next, consider the item you’re pairing your logo up with. Let’s say your brand stands for saving the environment.  Avoid items that you cannot recycle like plastic products and tires.

7. Don’t Forget the End Users

Always consider the recipients of your customized items. As much as you can, avoid the “one size fits all” principle. This is essential when you’re offering customized wearables and/or garments.

If you’re getting customized items in bulk, don’t order t-shirts in one size. Get smaller bulk orders in varying sizes instead. If possible, look for shops that offer bulk orders in size sets.

For example, you want to get a variety of customized items for him. Your research will tell you what products “he” wants and needs. Your research will also tell you how unique he can be.

Thus, you order branded custom t-shirts in various sizes. Choose adjustable caps or hats. If you’re distributing perfumes for men, get a selection of fragrances.

Get Customers Talking About Your Brand

That’s it for our guide on how you should choose branded customized items. In case the point didn’t get across before, we’ll say it again because we can’t stress it enough. Do research, research, and more research!

Now that that’s done, we hope you learned a lot from reading this guide. Are you ready to do more research about a possible custom item for your business? Contact us now or read more about how wristbands and bracelets help your brand.

Christmas Wristbands

Why Customized Christmas Wristbands Are the Perfect Gift For Events

Are you looking to get a memorable giveaway gift for the next Christmas season? We’re past the Christmas season already. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t plan your next yuletide event early.

Of the many promotional items, wristbands are some of the best to get. Below, we’ll tell you why they work so well as event gifts. Read on if you want to know how Christmas wristbands bring your business good tidings.

1. Christmas Wristbands Promote Your Brand

Giveaways are great ways to promote a business. It works miracles whether it’s through social media, live at an event, or as a freebie. It’s why you see a ton of branded giveaway items everywhere.

So, how does a Christmas wristband promote your brand?

Everyone wants to receive something at Christmas. These wristbands enhance the joy clients feel during this season of giving. Plus, customers feel more engaged when you pair them up with a Christmas event.

Don’t forget to add your company name, logo, and/or slogan on the wristband. It’ll be smart to emboss or deboss a QR code or a link to your website on the band. This increases the chances of getting more traffic on your website.

2. You Reach More People With Wearable Promotional Items

Think about how many traditional and online ads you see in a day. How many can you remember right now? How many corporate events do you attend and how many participating brands stand out to you?

Events indeed increase brand visibility. However, you can stand out more with something tangible. Customized wristbands aren’t only tangible but also wearable and transferable.

Your brand remains visible even after the event guests leave. Wherever the recipients of the wristband go, they bring your brand with you. This is why other companies invest in wearable promotional items.

Speaking of transferable items, wristbands make great brand ambassadors because they are. The direct recipients of your branded silicone wristbands may find themselves at the other end of the world. To share the Christmas spirit, they could give it to a friend all the way overseas.

3. They Are Affordable Giveaway Items

Nothing is sweet as the ringing of Christmas bells as cost-effectiveness. Cost-effective is what Custom Christmas wristbands are. They’re well worth investing in, especially considering how much promotion you get.

Look at how much you spend on digital advertising. Now, let’s take a look at how much you spend on your event and your Christmas paper wristbands. Take the total expenses for the event plus the wristbands.

Let’s compare it with your digital marketing costs for eight months. How much is the difference between both campaigns? How long do the impressions for these two things last?

An online ad gets attention for a few seconds. Your event might get a lasting impression of two weeks. A Forbes report says that most people keep promotional items for an average of eight months.

That’s eight months of glancing at your brand. Given how long your brand stays with a person, it’s a good deal. Plus, bulk orders make the deal even sweeter.

4. Customized Wristbands Are Useful 

Do you want to give away something more useful than a silicone accessory? To give your event goers a good impression, get something more than simple wristbands. Use these wristbands to help spread awareness.

Awareness wristbands are great for brands that stand by something. If your clients stand by the same beliefs, they will enjoy receiving your event wristbands.

Let’s get another example. Let’s say your event has different ticket prices with different packages. You can order wristbands of different designs to distinguish which event-goers bought which tickets.

5. Giveaway Items Enhance Merriness and Customer Loyalty

When you have events, you want to provide tangible items during the event as well. Christmas wristbands for events act as a remembrance of the event. Also, receiving something for the event can create deeper loyalty.

Loyalty is a marketing essential most businesses don’t bother investing in. You need not spend too much to make customers see you take the extra step for them. It’s possible with wristbands, whether they’re made of silicone, plastic, or light metal.

6. ‘Tis the Season for Memorable Branding

Wristbands do more than help your business stand out from the competition. Christmas wristbands can also make the event or the brand memorable. An Entrepreneur article states that 85% of people remembered the name of the company that gave them a promotional item.

Also, ask yourself why a wristband is more memorable than a key chain. This goes back to the engagement that clients get with wristbands. They can only do so much with a key chain, but they can do more with a wristband.

It’s also helpful to mini-events where receivers need the Christmas wristband. This can be anything, from getting into a restricted area to meeting an influencer. Highlight the wristband during the event so getting one is even more memorable.

7. You Have a Ton of Holiday Design Ideas to Choose From

Is your event going to last well into the night? Light up wrists on Christmas eve with glow-in-the-dark wristbands. Or, add a tiny LED light at the front display of the wristband for a star-filled room.

Do you want to keep the designs close to the typical symbols of Christmas? Bakeries can use a design that looks like milk and cookies. Fashion enterprises can get custom designs that match ugly Christmas sweaters.

A classic Christmas symbol is the red bow. If you want your clients to look classy, get them wristbands that look like red bows. You can also use the candy cane pattern for a closer connection to Christmas.

The possibilities for designs are endless. Every business can each have Christmas wristbands for events with unique designs. All it takes is for you to bring out your creativity and apply it to your wristband design.

Bring on the Joy With Christmas-Themed Wristbands 

That’s it for our guide on how Christmas wristbands can get your brand attention. Never underestimate the power of giveaways. It’s one of the best things to invest in, especially for startups and small businesses.

We hope you enjoyed reading this informative post. If you want to read more, check out the rest of our blog. If you want to know where you can get great wristbands, contact us now,

reminder bracelets

Never Forget: 5 Ways to Use Reminder Bracelets and Where to Make Them Online

Do you remember when gel reminder bracelets become a huge hit for Lance Armstrong? The “Livestrong” bracelets could be seen on the wrists of many different people ranging from kids in high school to even adults at work. This kind of bracelet is called a reminder bracelet.

When the “Livestrong” bracelets became a hit, they were used to remind us of those suffering from cancer and to bring awareness to the disease. Reminder bracelets can also be used for several other reasons. If you haven’t already made your own reminder bracelet, now might be the time to do so.

If you’re not sure if you could use reminder bracelets or not, then you’ll want to continue reading. Here are five ways to use reminder bracelets and where to go to make your own!

1. Fundraiser Bracelets

The first reason on our list of reasons for making reminder bracelets is for fundraising purposes. This could be for a fundraiser at school or even at work. If you’re looking to raise money for an event or for a cause, you can sell these bracelets and use the money to put toward your fundraiser.

When making reminder bracelets for your fundraiser, be sure to select colors that your audience is going to love. You should also have some type of writing on them that helps promote what your fundraiser is. For example, if you’re selling bracelets to fund a new science lab at school, consider using a fun science phrase on the bracelets or something similar.

2. Awareness Bracelets

These bracelets also work well to raise awareness of different causes. This could be just about anything from politics to illnesses. For example, if working at a school and a child becomes ill with a disease, or a co-worker at your office becomes sick, you can use these bracelets to bring awareness to the disease.

Selling bracelets to bring awareness also helps you raise money for the family of those affected by the illness. For example, if your co-worker becomes ill and misses time from work and accumulates multiple hospital bills, you can sell bracelets to others in the office and give the money to the ill co-worker. This will help him or her get back on his or her feet after recovery.

When making reminder bracelets to bring awareness to something, be sure to print the disease on the bracelet so that others see it and become curious to learn more about it.

3. Medical Alert Bracelets

Reminder bracelets can also be used as medical alert bracelets. Medical alert bracelets are essential for those with conditions that emergency responders might need to know about. This could be being diabetic or even having a specific allergy to something.

This is ideal for the elderly who not always remember to let others know of a certain condition they have. It’s also good for younger people as well. For example, imagine if you have a special condition and are in an accident and are unresponsive.

Your reminder medical alert bracelet will inform emergency responders of everything they need to know.

4. School Reminder Bracelets

If you’re a teacher, then you might find several uses for your reminder bracelets. It seems like there’s always something that the school is doing and needs the children or the children’s parents’ participation in. With that being said, it’s easy to sometimes forget to do things.

Parents can easily become overwhelmed by all of the different events, fundraisers, field trips, and more. When this happens, there’s a good chance that several parents will forget to sign something, send money in, or something else. Having reminder bracelets in your classroom is a great way to help keep everyone on task.

For example, if your students have an upcoming field trip, you can use these bracelets to send home on your students’ wrists. When they get home, they can show their parents their reminder bracelets, and parents will remember to pack their child’s lunch for that day or send money.

Reminder bracelets can be used for several different reminders in the classroom.

5. Sports Bracelets

Sports bracelets are a good way to remind players of their team spirit. Because these bracelets can be customized, you can create them to match your team’s colors and mascot perfectly. On the bracelet, be sure to have the team’s name printed on them.

All players will feel confident wearing their team bracelets. You can also use them for fundraising purposes for your sport’s team as well. Players can sell bracelets to their parents, friends, and other family members to allow them to show support at the games.

Any money that’s made from selling the bracelets can go toward new team uniforms, new equipment, gas for traveling to away games, and so much more. Your players will also appreciate looking up into the stands and seeing so many supporters out there wearing their team colors!

Create Your Own Reminder Bracelets Today!

There are plenty of different reasons why you might benefit from creating your own reminder bracelet. These reasons above are just to name a few. If you believe that you could benefit from making your own customized reminder bracelets, then it’s time you start creating yours today!

Here at Make Your Wristbands, we have several different customization options to choose from. Click here to browse through some of our different bracelet types and pricing options.

We have something to suit everyone’s reminder bracelet needs!

memorial bracelets

Keeping Them With You: Where to Design (and Make) Memorial Bracelets

Bracelets worn in memory of a loved one have a long history in America. We can trace them back to the Vietnam War when a group of college students began the initiative to emboss the names of American Prisoners of War on metal bracelets. These bracelets were worn until the POWs returned home, upon which the bracelet was given to them.

Over time, memorial bracelets worn in memory of deceased loved ones or tragic losses took shape, bearing a clear resemblance to the POW bracelets of the 1970s.

If you’re in the market to make memorial bracelets of your own but you’re not sure where to start, you’re in the right place. Customized bracelets are our passion and we’ve got all the answers!

Read on to find out more about how to make memorial bracelets and where to do it!

Designing Memorial Bracelets: The Basics

When you’re designing memorial bracelets, you’ll need to choose a color for the bracelet and decide between having them debossed or embossed. All of them are made out of silicone, as this is a stretchy, waterproof, durable material.

Debossed bracelets are the most commonly purchased and distributed form of memorial bracelets. The letters, numbers, and symbols are stamped into the silicone.

You don’t have to worry about fading with debossed bracelets, as the message is indented into the silicone using either a custom mold or a laser cutter. If you’d prefer that the message appears in a contrasting color to the band, itself, you can opt to have the indentations filled with either silicone or ink.

Embossed bracelets come in one solid color. Rather than stamping the letters, numbers, and symbols into the silicone, the message is raised a bit from the band. The letters and other characters use the same silicone that is constructing the band and has to be cast in a mold.

Designing Memorial Bracelets: The Specifics

When you’re choosing a supplier, there are a few things you need to consider, including the level of customization and bulk pricing. Read on to find out more.

How Much Do You Want to Customize Your Bracelet?

Not all suppliers will allow you much room in the customization department. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll charge you less but simply that they won’t be able to meet your needs.

Think about color. Are you looking for primary colors or pastels? Gem tones or earth tones?

Perhaps you want to get several batches in different shades of the same color. If you have something specific in mind, look for a supplier that offers a wide variety of color options.

What about the font? Maybe a standard print doesn’t seem to fit the personality of the loved one you’re memorializing and something more elegant or fun would be better suited. If so, look for a supplier that offers more than one font.

Finally, think about the size. Adult bracelets won’t exactly fit the wrist of a toddler and vice versa!

Plus, you may have your eye on a specific density. Maybe you’re going for something understated, like a 1/4-inch band, or something bold, like a 1-inch band.

Make sure your supplier offers different sizes, both in width and density.

What Do You Want to Use it For?

Think about your intentions for your memorial bracelets. Are they to be handed out to friends and family who attend a memorial service, or do you want to use them as part of a wider campaign to spread awareness or raise money for a cause?

Memorial bracelets are a great way to raise money. The most widely known fundraiser that used bracelets as part of its campaign was the LiveStrong fundraiser. Between 1997 and 2012, LiveStrong raised over $500 million for cancer research, in large part with the help of those yellow bracelets we all donned for several years!

If you’re using your bracelets to raise money, you’ll need to think about turning a profit to donate to your charity of choice. What is a reasonable price to ask for your bracelet and how much can you afford to spend on the cost of making them?

If you’re looking to buy memorial bracelets in bulk, find a supplier that offers reduced prices for bulk orders. That way, even if you only charge a dollar or two per bracelet, you’ll still make a sizable profit for your charity!

How Quickly Do You Need It?

Whether you’re running a fundraiser or organizing a service, you’ve got a lot going on. You may not have much time to spare designing and receiving these bracelets.

If you don’t have much time, look for a supplier that offers a 24-hour turn around time. At Custom Rubber Bracelets, we can have both laser debossed wristbands and dual-layered wristbands made, shipped, and delivered all within 24 hours of your order!

Choose Custom Rubber Bracelets for Your Customized Bracelet Needs

Memorial bracelets are a great way to pay homage to a loved one and carry a reminder of them with you everywhere you go. They’re stretchy enough to fit over the biggest hands but durable enough to survive the wear and tear of the mightiest toddlers!

If you have questions about our products, pricing, or delivery, contact us today! If you’re not in need of any assistance and just want to get designing, head to our design center! We’ve always got a few surprises up our sleeve (like glow in the dark silicone!) and we think you’ll be pleased with what you find there.

embossed vs debossed

Embossed vs Debossed: What’s the Difference?

When Nike and ad agency Wieden+Kennedy designed a yellow silicone gel bracelet for Lance Armstrong’s nonprofit Livestrong Foundation campaign, they had a promotional hit on their hands. The campaign aimed to get people to take action and to express the theme “It’s all about you.”

A debossed “LIVESTRONG” crossed the top, and the bracelet hit the big time when it was worn by cyclists at the 2004 Tour de France.

Today, gel bracelets are extremely popular and used for all kinds of inspiring promotions for nonprofits, businesses, creative projects, and more.

But what’s the difference between embossed vs debossed, you ask?

To answer your question and help you decide which wristband design to order, we’ve put together some basics about these two silicon gel bracelet design options. Keep reading to learn the similarities and differences.

Then, start designing your own for swag and promotions everyone will love and that’ll get your name out.

Debossed Gel Wristbands

The word deboss means to stamp a word, symbol, logo, or design into a surface so that the word, symbol, logo, or design is indented.

A debossed gel wristband is a silicone bracelet that has the desired design — possibly a word, logo, or symbol — stamped into the gel so that it’s indented below the surface of the wristband.

Debossed wristbands are by far the most popular style, and since the design is cut deeply into the silicone bracelet, your message won’t fade.

The design is usually cut into the silicone using a custom mold created specifically for you. There’s also a laser cutting option.

You can also fill the indented design with another color of silicone or ink to match the colors of a logo or make your message pop with a contrasting color.

Embossed Gel Wristbands

To emboss, on the other hand, is the opposite of to deboss and means to put a design on a surface so that the design — possibly a word, logo, or symbol — is raised up above the surface. If you run your finger over the design, you’ll feel it.

Only the desired design protrudes up. It’s often stamped in from behind to push the front surface out. Think embossed business cards or letterhead.

An embossed gel wristband is a silicone bracelet that has the desired design sticking up from the surface of the wristband. The raised up part is a continuation of the gel in the wristband. It’s not stuck on rather it’s made using a cast iron mold.

It’s only raised up a tiny bit but enough to stand out and be read or seen.

Embossed and Debossed Wristband Differences

While the make and design options are mostly the same for both embossed and debossed gel wristbands, there are a few differences in how the designs can be presented. Let’s take a look.

Added Ink Color

Embossed wristbands are made out of a solid color gel. The design, message, or logo is the same color as the rest of the band.

Debossed wristbands are often made out of a single solid color silicone gel too, but you have the option to paint or fill the debossed design with color ink. The ink is also made out of silicone and comes in many color options.

The color can contrast the gel and pop or it can be more subtle. Either way, it highlights the given design. Our bracelets have a full array of Pantone-color options so that you can fill the debossed design with colors to create a specific image or mood or to match your logo colors spot on.

Laser Print Messages

The debossed message design can be created with a laser. You can’t use a laser to make the embossed message design style.

The laser printing gives you a one-day turnaround whereas the non-laser message designs — even non-laser debossed bracelets — take six to 10 days to be made.

You also have no minimum order number with the laser-printed debossed design whereas the non-laser designs require a 50-piece minimum order.


Debossed silicone bracelets are by far the most popular type of silicone bracelets. Many campaigns and personal customized bracelets use this style after seeing them on the Livestrong campaign.

The embossed bracelets, on the other hand, boast a unique look for those going for something that stands out.

Embossed and Debossed Wristband Similarities

Custom wristbands can be made with both embossed and debossed design styles and designed to create the ideal silicone gel bracelet for you or your organization.

Similarities of embossed and debossed design options here at

  • Made out of the same silicone/rubber/gel
  • Made with 100-percent medical-grade non-allergenic silicone
  • Over 1000 colors to choose from using the PMS Color Chart
  • Come in four width options — 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″
  • Choose from the same fun fonts

Both styles of bracelets are part of the popular fashion trend of gel wristbands. Whether designed for personal wear, awareness, ombor promotional swag, people love to wear these bracelets.

It’s fun to design them too. Come up with the perfect message, color scheme, size, and design style by mixing and matching options and seeing which pops out as the perfect wristband for you.

You can upload your own artwork. You can play around with different messages or logos or designs. You can also choose from a library of art and designs.

Also, you can mass produce a lot of bracelets with both design styles if you’re looking to do a big campaign.

Take Your Pick Between Embossed vs Debossed

Now that you know the differences and similarities when it comes to embossed vs debossed silicone gel wristbands, you’re ready to choose and create the wristbands for your swag.

To start, take a look at our custom rubber bracelets for all your options and give us a call if you have any questions or if you want to talk about your design ideas.

We’re here to help you pick the right gel wristband design, color, size, phrasing, and everything that goes into that fun bracelet that everyone wants to wear!

custom bracelets

Business Branding with Custom Bracelets

It doesn’t matter which way you slice it: building your brand and reaching new customers is difficult. Your customers lead busy lives, and most of them aren’t exactly looking for ads everywhere they go.

When it comes to standing out, there’s one oldie that still works its magic: promotional products. In fact, consumers keep each promotional product for an average of eight months. Even at that point, most consumers give away those products instead of throwing them out.

If you’re looking for the next promotional product to bring in a surge of new business, look no further than custom bracelets.

Why Rubber Custom Bracelets Should Be Your Next Branding Project

Rubber custom bracelets are nothing new. Many people think of them as Livestrong bracelets because the Livestrong campaign made them mainstream.

Today, though, businesses use these bracelets as powerful tools for branding. They’re successful choices for several reasons.

They’re Versatile

Some promotional products have a time and a place. There are certain somber or awkward settings where you shouldn’t pass out fidget spinners or pinwheels.

With custom bracelets, though, there’s never an inappropriate time or place. Kids and adults both love them, and water won’t damage them so they can go anywhere.

You can also use your bracelets in several different ways. You could get them with your branding only so you can use them for any event, trade show, or public outing. If you prefer, you can get specific and include the name of a specific event on them.

They Won’t End Up in the Trash

Some promotional products seem cool at first, but businesses don’t think about whether customers will actually use them. If you’re handing out temporary tattoos at a festival filled with adults and senior citizens, chances are that you won’t get much mileage from them.

Rubber bracelets, on the other hand, are crowd-pleasers. They’re popular enough that people will go out of their way to get them.

They also have enough weight and substance to them that people are less likely to toss them out with the brochures and paper goods they’ve collected.

They’re Cost-Effective

No matter how much you stand to gain from a promotional product, you can only produce what you have the budget to buy. Thankfully, with rubber bracelets, that isn’t much of a hurdle.

Rubber bracelets are less expensive than many other promotional products. That includes products that are less successful.

Not only do you have a low cost, but you get a lot of impact from that small investment. Considering how durable rubber bracelets are, your giveaway could keep building your brand for months or years.

Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Rubber Bracelets

You’ve seen the benefits and you’ve decided that rubber bracelets will be your next promotional products. How do you go about designing them? Start with these tips.

Choose Your Printing Company Wisely

Many companies make the mistake of creating their bracelet design first. Then they try to find a printing company or manufacturer that can bring their vision to life.

Instead, take the easier route. Choose your printing company first.

One reason for this is that the printing company will play such a powerful role in the process. It doesn’t matter how good your design is if the printer sends you back a sloppy product.

Another reason to do this is that different printers can have different design stipulations.

What if you create your design in one program and then discover that your printer needs a different file format, and you can’t convert the file? You have to re-create the design in a new file.

Review Your Printing Company’s Options First

After you’ve chosen a printing company, the next step is to know what options they have available. This could factor into your design.

For example, does the printer offer bracelets in your brand’s colors? Or do you need to work your brand’s colors into your design so it can go on a neutral-colored bracelet?

The printer’s options might also inspire your design. Perhaps you discover that they can print double-sided bracelets and you want to explore this in your design.

Regardless, knowing what is available from the start allows you to design your bracelet once. You’re less likely to change your mind later and go back to the drawing board.

Consider a More Creative Use

The most popular and obvious way to use custom bracelets is to brand them with general information about your business. It might be a tag line and your logo for example.

What if you wanted to take it a step further?

Consider turning your bracelets into coupons. For example, offer that anyone who comes into your restaurant wearing your bracelet will get half off their drinks and appetizers.

This serves two purposes. First, it makes customers more likely to wear your bracelet out and about because they have a reason to. Second, it’s a call-to-action that gets people in the door.

You can do something similar if you sell products online instead. Consider printing a discount code on each bracelet. This has the same effect of convincing customers to take that next step and visit your site, instead of just knowing about it.

Launching Your Next Great Campaign with Custom Bracelets

Rubber and silicone custom bracelets came on the scene as a way for people to support specific causes. While some still serve that purpose, they’ve expanded to do much more.

If you’re on the hunt for the next promotional product to add to your marketing toolbox, custom bracelets could be the perfect solution. They’re simple to design, easy to transport, and beloved by many.

To get started today, review our custom wristband options and start creating your unique design.

custom livestrong bracelets

Custom Livestrong Bracelets: The Ultimate Swag Bag Gift for Your Next Event

As 75% of all workers keep at least one promotional item in their work space, there’s proof that swag works. Deciding what you want to give away as swag is hard if you don’t know your attendees intimately. However, custom LiveStrong bracelets are one of the hottest items out there.

Here’s why you should choose this as your hot-ticket giveaway item.

They’re Inexpensive

When you’re considering promotional items that you need for your next event, bracelets are one of the cheapest options available. They’re a high-quality item that you should consider adding to any swag bag that won’t cost you very much.

Many manufacturers can make then for less than 20 cents each. When you buy in enough bulk you could promote your business to thousands of people who wear the bands and the many more who see them. This is an inexpensive investment that gives you a substantial footprint.

There are few promotional items that are as affordable as wristbands are.

They Come in So Many Styles

What’s great about these wristbands is that no two have to look alike. Even if you’re inspired by the popular LiveStrong bracelets, you can have custom LiveStrong bracelets that are all your won.

Your company needs to be unique to thrive in this world. The extensive wristband options out there give you the chance you’re looking to stand out.

They come in so many styles and colors that there’s a unique look out there just for you and your brand. What’s great about how affordable they are to produce is that you can let people choose their own color at your swag table.

By giving people options while still pushing your brand, they’ll develop a deep attachment to the object. They’ll find themselves wearing it long after your event has concluded.

They’re So Durable

When you give people a promotional item, you want it to become a part of their lives. With wristbands, you get a promo item that’s sure to last for years and remind people of your brand every day that they see it.

When you promote your business, you’re not just promoting it to a single customer. You’re promoting it to anyone who ends up with the wrist band or anyone who sees it. You get to amplify your impact for years to come.

It’s possible that your promotional items will change hands several times for several years. People pass the coolest promotional items along to friends and your wristband could be on that some people covet. They’ll be telling other people about your brand along the way.

Brand Your Way

With custom LiveStrong bracelets, you get the chance to brand in a way that makes sense for you. Keep it simple with something that just says your company name. An attractive item with your URL address can do much more than an elaborate piece of swag.

Get minimalist and pick a cool color and add your logo to the bracelet.

However, you definitely want people to check out your website and your brand online. Make sure that your logo makes it clear who you are. A striking wristband can make people curious and even want one of their own.

Serious Visibility

When you promote your brand with a bracelet, you get one promotional item that’s sure to reach as many eyes as possible. Wristbands are clear and visible in ways that cups or pens aren’t.

Pens live in pockets or inside of desk drawers when they’re not being used. Cups live in a cupboard or a dishwasher for most of their life. However, a bracelet is worn by your newly minted brand ambassador and is showcased each time they make a gesture.

T-shirts have long been a great way to get visibility but they’re expensive to produce and people are less likely to wear them. Most people already have plenty of shirts. In the business and professional space, people have far fewer bracelets.

The Perfect Event Object

A bracelet is one of the best items to have and give away at events. When companies hold events, giving out bracelets right when they arrive gets them in the spirit. They can identify other people in the group and it actually facilitates social interaction.

When you have an event at a large space, giving them a trendy and cool item helps you keep track of people. Give them a good slogan or catchphrase on the bracelet and you’ll find them using it over and over. Put some serious thought into the wristband and it can be the most coveted item from your event.

If you have events that have different levels of access, presenters, participants, and regular guests, you can use different colors. This helps people to feel special at your event and also helps you run things. When people are identified by a bracelet or the color of their bracelet, the event will run more smoothly.

It’s also good if you hold any kind of even off-site. It keeps your group together and identifiable, which is easier for hosts to run a promotion or special for guests.

Custom Livestrong Bracelets are Cheap and Easy

When it comes down to putting together your swag bag, you ultimately want something that’s easy to produce and that people will like. Custom LiveStrong bracelets are the best candidate around. They help you organize your event and can make people feel part of their group without having to wear a shirt or uniform.

To ensure that your bracelets do the work of promoting your brand, follow our guide for tips.

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How to Come Up With a Good Tagline for Your Advertising Campaigns

Are you looking to launch a new advertising campaign? Are you struggling to come up with a good tagline?

Though a tagline involves a few words, formulating an effective one is not as easy as you think. Before McDonald’s came up with “I’m Lovin’ It,” the company spent time doing research and brainstorming.

Before Nike said “Just Do It,” they first paid their dues in terms of planning.

There is no question that taglines and slogans affect your branding.

How do you come up with a tagline that will stick in everybody’s minds? What are the keys to creating an effective tagline that represents what your brand is all about?

Keep on reading below as we share with you the secrets.

Formulating a Good Tagline

Taglines and slogans contribute to the success of advertising campaigns. Screwing up your tagline may fail your projects. Thankfully, we are here to share the secrets to formulating a good tagline.

Whether you’re using it on your website or printing it on promotional custom wristbands, the formula remains the same. Let’s take a look at the keys to that winning tagline.

1. Simplicity is Key

This is one of the secrets that go a long way, despite its simplicity (pun intended). People will remember your tagline faster if you keep it short and simple.

Your goal is to limit your tagline to a maximum of nine to 10 words. Another rule of thumb is to stick to the one-sentence rule. The more words and phrases you have, the more confusing it is for your audience.

2. Take Your Time

Practice patience when coming up with your tagline. Give yourself two hours for brainstorming. If you are making a tagline for a client, spend another hour or two consulting with them.

Even if a slogan is only a sentence long, it doesn’t mean you should finish everything in an hour. Give yourself a full day before finalizing your tagline.

3. Tell a Story

You also need to make sure that your tagline tells your story. It should evoke the right emotions that represent what your advertising campaign is all about.

Slogans that stick in the minds of people create deep emotional connections. This means the audience can relate to the tagline’s message.

It doesn’t matter if you have a short tagline. What counts is the compelling message it delivers. Your tagline needs to pique the interest of your target market.

Take for example LG’s tagline “Life’s Good.” It features only two words but the message resonates loudly. It tells the audience that the company’s goal is to make people experience life’s goodness through their products.

The same thing goes for Nike’s “Just Do It.” Those three words send the message that Nike offers products that empower you to do things.

4. Mind Your Logo

For a tagline to work, it needs to complement your logo. When conceptualizing a campaign logo, try to conceptualize it while creating your slogan. This way, you will have an easier time aligning both elements.

If you already have a tagline, try to incorporate the keywords in the logo. You may incorporate the words within the logo’s design. You may also take the idea of the keywords and integrate it with the image of the logo.

5. Consistency a Must

Another secret to an effective tagline is consistency. This means your tagline must complement not only your logo but also the image of your company.

Your tagline should not go against what your brand is all about. Instead, it should reinforce the values your company follows. Your tagline must highlight your authenticity.

Experts say that consistency helps build the trust of your audience. Make sure your tagline aligns with your campaign. Do not come up with phrases that may confuse the audience.

6. Make It Light and Funny

Considering that the world is full of problems, try to keep your taglines light and funny. But make sure not to overdo it. Neither should you force the issue especially if your campaign involves a sensitive subject.

You may consider injecting a joke within the slogan. Do so only if you can without forcing it. Sometimes, inserting jokes doesn’t work and they only make the tagline sound lame.

If jokes don’t work, keep the tone light at the very least.

7. Ask for Inputs

Creativity shouldn’t come from one person alone. Most of the time, an effective tagline is a result of creative collaboration. Thus, make sure you ask for the opinion of others.

Talk to your workmates and ask for their inputs. Write down the best ones and discuss them during your brainstorming sessions.

You can also use social media to get more inputs. You can launch a slogan-making contest for your Twitter or Facebook followers. Make sure you come up with a hashtag so you can track their answers faster.

Even if you think you are the most creative person in the office, you may still miss out on something. The more people working on your tagline, the deeper your pool of ideas become.

8. Stick to Scenarios

One good trick in making an effective tagline is to stick to real-world scenarios. This means making sure that your slogan addresses a specific need in real life.

When a specific scenario happens, you want your audience to remember your tagline. Once they remember it, they will run to your product or service to address the need.

9. Honesty Matters

Last but not least, you need to make sure that your taglines come with honesty. If you are launching a product, make sure that you are not over-promising with your slogan.

Try to avoid using the word “best.” All companies claim to be the best but we all know that is far from reality.

Launch Your Campaign with Our Wristbands

Now that you know how to make a good tagline, you need to find the right medium to launch your message. Apart from your website and social media, small and wearable products are viable options as well.

We offer Custom wristbands and rubber bracelets that come in different colors, styles, and designs. We use different technologies to print your taglines the way you want to.

Shoot us a message and tell us what you need. Let’s launch your campaign the right way, today!

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8 Pro Tips for Using Promotional Gifts and Products to Market Your Business

In the digital age where everyone receives thousands of advertising messages every day, it’s time to cut through the noise with physical products instead.

Unlike unwelcome marketing messages, a huge 83% of people actually welcome free promotional products. We’re all the same at heart: we just can’t resist a freebie.

Whether you need to stand out at a trade show or encourage existing customers to stay loyal, promotional gifts are a savvy way to boost your return on investment in your marketing strategy.

Why Branded Gifts Must Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You may think you simply don’t have the budget to buy promotional products for your company, but wait!

Branded items build awareness of your company, logo, and contact details so your business becomes front-of-mind on a regular basis. People keep branded items for an average of 8 months: just think about how many others see your company branding whenever your item is used over this period.

8 Easy Tips to Maximize the Impact of Promotional Gifts

Everyone has a bunch of promotional pens, notepads, and mugs in their office arsenal – so how do you make sure your item is the one they reach for?

Follow these top tips to generate the biggest return on investment from your branded giveaways!

1. Cheap Isn’t Always Best

Quality is always going to win over quantity when it comes to choosing your promotional items. You don’t have to spend a fortune – but do consider going one level up from the cheapest possible item.

Customers will remember how the item feels, and whether it lasts, and associate this with your business. If they think you’ll cheap out on marketing your business they’ll wonder what else you skimp on!

2. Useful Items Boost Brand Awareness

Nobody needs another weird fuzzy animal with a ribbon tag on it (you know exactly what we mean). Even Sharon in Accounts has used up all her desk space with cuddly promo toys and stress balls.

Opt for something useful like a reusable water bottle, a promotional mug, or even a branded USB stick. Your item will then be used regularly and your brand awareness increases tenfold!

3. Be Creative (Do They REALLY Need Yet Another Free Pen?)

On the same line of useful versus useless items, think creatively about what you can offer.

Fashionable branded wristbands, for example, are a great way to promote your brand and work particularly well for events. Why? You can easily track who has already visited your stand as they wear their wristband afterward! Corner them in the networking lounge and have that sales conversation you’ve trained so hard for.

4. Cater to Your Audience

If you’re a fitness brand maybe don’t offer free branded chocolate or sweets at every opportunity. Decide who your target customer is and develop branded gifts that they’ll like and use.

For example, busy clients always on-the-go can join the plastic-free revolution with a branded bamboo travel mug. Or sports lovers will make the most of a promotional towel, t-shirt, or even branded headphones.

5. Encourage Swag Swiping at Events

You might feel a little pained if you see someone swiping lots of your paid-for-from-a-tight-marketing-budget swag – but let them!

The more swag someone takes from your stall, the more likely they are to pass it to other people. They’ll get back to the office and hand out your promotional items to a wealth of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ at their freebie haul.

These colleagues then use your promotional products – meaning even more people are now aware of your brand.

6. Offer a Selection of Gift Options

It’s tempting to just opt for one promotional gift in bulk to save on unit and shipping costs.

However, if you want to capture the attention of a wider audience, you must offer a selection of items to choose from. Some people might actually want and need a free pen, while others are truly focused on the organic cotton tote bag to stash their swag.

Choose at least three promotional gift types to offer at events and launches to cater to a wide audience and increase the likelihood of your brand being spread far and wide.

7. Trade a Better Giveaway for Data

Small branded items like tins of mints or sticky notes are great to capture the sort-of-interested-but-not-sure type of potential customer.

To get the really good, hot leads from the I-want-your-product-but-am-playing-hard-to-get clients, have something better up your sleeve to offer. Trade a business card or a questionnaire, even a one-to-one sales meeting, in return for your high-value promotional gift.

This also creates the feeling of the client already completing a transaction with you. That builds a relationship without you having to do anything, and creates a sense of trust and loyalty that helps turn them into must-buy-now customers.

8. Use Promo Gifts for Existing Clients, Too

Promotional giveaways aren’t solely for trade events and product launches (although they are very useful for them). Consider making your existing clients feel valued with a personalized branded gift from time to time, too.

You don’t even need to wait for the holiday season to roll around to send gifts. When a customer reaches a special milestone, such as their tenth order with your business, send them something they’ll love. Personalize a laptop case, for example, and they’ll use it with pride.

Start Small to Win Big

The best promotional gifts are those that people can use or wear. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create must-have giveaways that’ll bring all the clients to your yard (milkshake not required).

Small items such as custom rubber wristbands help establish the first steps of brand awareness and client relationship building – and won’t cost your entire annual marketing budget, either.

Contact us today to find out more about using promotional products to boost your brand!

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7 Brilliant Benefits of Business Promotional Products

Even with a tiny budget, business promotional products are worth the investment. Not convinced?

Check it out:

Those numbers are pretty strong, right? Investing in giveaways for events, trade shows, product launches, or even ‘just because’ is a great way to boost brand awareness.

If you need a little more than these few facts to take to your marketing director to release the budget for promo items, keep reading. They’re gonna love this.

7 Undeniable Benefits of Business Promotional Products

Promotional gifts work for your brand in several ways. Use any (or all) of these top reasons to use branded gifts to persuade the person holding your budget that it is a great business investment.

1. Products Get Used Time and Again

A branded gift isn’t a one-time thing. It’s not going to get lost in the desk drawer in a pile of other business cards.

A handy mug, a stylish bracelet, a t-shirt for the gym: people use branded items all the time. Why pay for something when you’ve already got a freebie item in your drawer/kitchen/office that does the job?

Every time someone reaches for your promotional product to help them in some way, they’ll think about your brand. A logo on a gym bag, for example, is an unobtrusive yet daily reminder about the time the customer interacted with your company.

2. Reach More People with the Same Product

People using your promo gifts all the time means something else: others will see your branding, too.

The bamboo travel mug is seen by everyone on the daily commute. The notepad is witnessed in use during weeks of meetings. Offering useful branded giveaways means your logo and contact details become familiar to those around your customer as well as the person using the item all the time.

Think of the extra real-life impressions you gain from just one promotional item. It’s amazing!

3. Build a Recognizable Brand

Promotional products are a perfect way to build an instantly recognizable brand. Think about some famous brands for a moment: if you removed the words from Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, or United Airlines, people still recognize the company the logo represents.

Establishing such a strong brand is easy when you keep the style cohesive throughout your promotions. Always use the same colors, logo, and fonts when designing promotional products if you want to create a brand people understand at a glance.

It’s not just about color and logo, either: the quality of items you choose to give away will tell customers a lot about how much you value them.

Sticking to a set color palette might feel boring but it’s the way to go if you want people to see a certain Pantone shade and instantly associate it with your company.

4. Create Brand Memorability (Not Just Awareness)

Sure, loads of people will see your logo and become familiar with what you do. But there’s more to it than simply recognizing your brand: you’ll be the go-to choice when they need someone who does what you do.

People keep desk accessories for an average of 14 months. That means that for 14 months, they’ll be looking at your brand several times a week an associate it with their own work. When they need your service, they’ll think of – and go to – you.

5. Boost Loyalty with Existing Customers

Promotional items aren’t just for enticing new clients to use your services. The branded candy at a trade show will draw customers to you, sure, but more selective promotional gifts can be used to boost loyalty.

Sending existing clients gifts as a thank-you for trial sign-ups, their customer anniversary with you, or ‘just because’, will help them feel valued.

Sometimes, all it takes is the offer of an extra gift with their next order to make someone return to you instead of going elsewhere. The gift doesn’t have to be big and expensive, either: small and useful products are more valued to most customers.

This boosts loyalty and encourages them to continue using your product or service instead of shopping with competitors.

6. Exchange Giveaways for Leads

People love getting something for nothing – but they’re also willing to trade if the giveaway is good enough.

Just like a downloadable PDF guide is a great online lead generator, high-value branded items can encourage customer actions too. At trade shows or events, offer free branded chocolate to anyone – but something better if you can gather data from people.

People are more willing to trade their details and gain interest in your company if they think they’re going to get something out of it, too. Offer a branded USB stick in return for a business card, for example, or give a promotional mug to anyone completing a short questionnaire.

7. Make Your Brand Desirable

Promotional gifts are not just about the leads you gain from a direct giveaway. Think about providing a gift that’s so awesome or trend-setting that, when people see others using or wearing it, they just gotta have it too.

Look at the worldwide fitness craze for the Insanity program: only those customers completing the 30 days will receive a free – promotional – t-shirt. People feel pride in themselves and claim the t-shirt, but all they’re really doing is promoting the program to others in their gym.

Employees Need Swag, Too

Business promotional products aren’t just for your customers or to tempt potential clients. Employee swag is a great way to build brand ambassadors in those already dedicated to your company.

Fashionable items always work well for this, as app startup IFTTT discovered with their branded socks. Just like the Insanity t-shirt, the fashionable item becomes desirable. People want to wear it: they want to be your promoter.

Small items like custom rubber bracelets provide a great opportunity to build buy-in from employees as ambassadors. They become a must-have item and, soon enough, other people will want to know how to get one, too.

Find out more about our custom bracelets and how to turn them into the next essential fashion item everyone wants!

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