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10 Reasons You Need Rubber Wristbands on Your Merch Table

Is your band selling merchandise?

It better be!

Selling merchandise at concerts and on your website may be the smartest financial move you and your band make.

Merchandise accounts for 10-35% of a touring band’s revenue. That’s a minimum of an extra $1,000 for every $10,000 the band makes. It’s a big deal.

Rubber wristbands are a vital ingredient to your band’s merch table. It’s a small product with a small cost. Wristbands fly off the table.

They’re cheap and anyone can buy them. It’s a no-brainer.

When kids come up to the merch table asking for a t-shirt, their parents may not oblige. However, a $5 wristband is much easier to sell than a $25 t-shirt. Almost all parents will cave to a t-shirt downgraded to a wristband.

Either way, your band is still making extra cash.

Keep reading for 10 more reasons you need rubber wristbands on your merch table!

1. Brand Awareness

Custom wristbands on your merch table mean one thing—brand awareness.

They’re not only cheap and easy to design and order, but they’re also easy to sell. A stack of wristbands in a plethora of colors and designs with your band name on it is easy advertising.

People love rubber wristbands and they love supporting their favorite bands and music. Rubber wristbands on your merch table will sell like hotcakes.

The more fans you sell to, the more people there are on the street sporting your band name and spreading awareness for your brand.

2. They’re Trendy

Rubber wristbands are incredibly popular in all industries. Bands, charities, apparel stores, gyms, and clubs of all kinds offer them on their merch tables. 


Because they’re trendy!

With the wide array of color and design choices, there’s something for everyone. They flow with any outfit and are nearly indestructible.

Fans can swim, workout, scuba, or skydive with them. There are few things rubber wristbands won’t put up with.

3. Low Cost

You can put rubber wristbands on your band’s merch table for an incredibly low cost. That also means you can also sell them at a low cost, which your fans will love!

It’s incredibly difficult to say “no” to a stylish wristband sporting your favorite band’s logo for just five or 10 bucks!

Additionally, you can put a quote, lyric, catchphrase, tagline, hashtag, or website on the back of the wristband. More free advertising!

4. Use Wristbands as Free Add-Ons

 What’s the best way to sell the items on your merch table?

Include free stuff with big purchases!

Because you can get rubber wristbands in bulk at a super low price, hand them out like candy as a bonus for people who buy bigger items!

You can hang them up with t-shirts and other apparel or have a massive promotional sign that reads “free wristband for all purchases over $25!”

Adding a free bonus to purchases shows up to a 25% increase in sales conversions. After all, free is everyone’s favorite price!

5. Raise Awareness

As we discussed above, wristbands are a great way to improve brand awareness for your band. However, wristbands are also a helpful promotional tool, even if you’re promoting a cause instead of your band.

Run a charity within the community. Put on a free performance for a cause of your choice. However, sell charity-specific wristbands on your merch table for a higher cost.

The rubber wristbands should have the charity in big, bold letters on the front, and your band’s name or website in a smaller font on the back.

All the money will go to the charity you’ve chosen, but you’ll have a lot of awesome, generous people out there wearing your band’s name!

6. Endless Options

Rubber wristbands offer a huge variety of customization options.

The 5-step customization process allows you to choose the size, width, and style of the band. You can also choose internal and external colors, font styles and colors, and message styles.

You can create a unique band for each album you’ve produced or each location you play at.

7. Multiple Platform Sales

Another great thing about rubber wristbands is the multiple platforms you can sell them on.

You can sell them at concerts of course, but you can also put them on a virtual merch table.

Put them up on your website as a free bonus for anything people purchase. Each CD, t-shirt, or hat purchased can come with a free wristband.

To make it appeal to more people, allow them to choose from a variety of color and style options.

8. Durable and Low-Maintenance

Rubber wristbands are tough and easily washed. They can get wet, beat up, and tugged on with little to no risk of damage.

Your fans are a unique group of multi-faceted people. Some may enjoy hiking, fishing, and hunting, while others enjoy deep sea diving, ice climbing, and lifting weights.

Unlike other jewelry, rubber wristbands never need to be taken off to protect them from damage.

You can still offer other types of jewelry on your merch table. However, it should not be without rubber customized wristbands!

9. Kid-Friendly

Because rubber wristbands are so tough, they’re also incredibly kid-friendly.

They come in small and extra small sizes, perfect for kids of all ages. There are no little beads, letters, or jewelry to fall or break off either. That means there’s less risk of a choking hazard for small children.

Rubber wristbands are soft, flexible, and stretchy, making it safe and harmless for kids to wear.

10. Free Promotional Give-Aways

Another way to use rubber wristbands on a virtual merch table is to offer them for free with band promotions.

For example, offer them with your higher-priced tickets. It’s not only a motivator to sell out the better seats, but also a thank you to your fans.

Alternatively, make city and state-specific wristbands while you’re on tour. Most people have a lot of pride in their city and state you can capitalize on.

Other Products

At Make Your Wristbands, we provide all the customized rubber wristbands you could ever want for your band’s merch table!

However, we also offer other products. For example, we offer medical alert bracelets. These are vital for people with specific medical conditions.

A medical alert bracelet alerts EMT, paramedic, and other emergency response personnel of any special needs you may have in the event you are incapacitated.

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