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Why Wristbands Are The Best To Raise Awareness

Silicone wristbands, rubber bracelets, or custom wristbands were first introduced in the 1980s when they were called gel bands. But they became popular in 2004 when Lance Armstrong introduced them as LIVESTRONG wristbands to spread awareness for cancer. Since then, they have been used as cancer wristbands.

In 1991, red ribbons were used to spread a message on AIDS and to support people living with HIV.

In addition to awareness bracelets, customized silicone wristbands are used for many other purposes, including event management, fashion, product promotion, and so on. But the accessory has been an effective tool for non-profit organizations for a long time now, and there are a plenty of genuine reasons behind that.

Some of them are:

  • Many colors for many awareness purposes

In addition to a plenty of types and sizes, custom bracelets come in several attractive colors. Non-profit organizations and organizers of programs on noble causes have declared some colors to spread a word for a health condition.

Pink wristbands are used for awareness for breast cancer and a multi-color rubber bracelet is a way to support people with different cancer types. Yellow bracelet denotes support for bone cancer. Similarly, there are different colors of the wrist-accessory that have been chosen to make people aware of different types of health conditions.

  • Availability at affordable prices

The accessories are beautiful and attractive. In addition, they are inexpensive, flexible, reliable, and long-lasting tools that remain non-allergic and in their original form for a long time. Unlike other customizable items, these wrist-wears are cheaper and can be bought in many numbers to distribute them among the masses.

  • Easily customized

There may be a plenty of items available for customization and to raise awareness for a cause. However, rubber bracelets are easily available and can be customized in many ways. While personalizing them for a noble cause, you can pick a color, size, and the type of the accessory to make it match your campaign.

Plus, you can engrave a message on the wristband in your favorite font and font color to make your campaign more powerful. You can personalize them online on a store offering services of wristband customization with ease.

  • Fashionable and flexible

Rubber bracelets are fashionable accessories that people of all ages like to wear around their wrist. Whether it’s a fashionable bracelet or cause awareness bracelets, lots of individual wear them for many days. In addition, the accessory remains attractive for a long time which makes an effective awareness tool that helps to cover a wide audience.

The customized bracelets are flexible and any size of wristband can be worn by an individual of any age.

  • Variety

Based on size and type, there is a wide variety of custom products that you can choose for your campaign. To make it unique, you can put your campaign’s motto over it in a font that is noticeable from a distance. For example, there are ‘glow in the dark’ bracelets that work even in the dark.


Customized wristbands have become an incredible promotional tool that is durable, inexpensive, and with a plenty of options for customization. You can make your cause spread a strong message in the community through these wristbands.

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