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10 Reasons You Need Rubber Wristbands on Your Merch Table

Is your band selling merchandise?

It better be!

Selling merchandise at concerts and on your website may be the smartest financial move you and your band make.

Merchandise accounts for 10-35% of a touring band’s revenue. That’s a minimum of an extra $1,000 for every $10,000 the band makes. It’s a big deal.

Rubber wristbands are a vital ingredient to your band’s merch table. It’s a small product with a small cost. Wristbands fly off the table.

They’re cheap and anyone can buy them. It’s a no-brainer.

When kids come up to the merch table asking for a t-shirt, their parents may not oblige. However, a $5 wristband is much easier to sell than a $25 t-shirt. Almost all parents will cave to a t-shirt downgraded to a wristband.

Either way, your band is still making extra cash.

Keep reading for 10 more reasons you need rubber wristbands on your merch table!

1. Brand Awareness

Custom wristbands on your merch table mean one thing—brand awareness.

They’re not only cheap and easy to design and order, but they’re also easy to sell. A stack of wristbands in a plethora of colors and designs with your band name on it is easy advertising.

People love rubber wristbands and they love supporting their favorite bands and music. Rubber wristbands on your merch table will sell like hotcakes.

The more fans you sell to, the more people there are on the street sporting your band name and spreading awareness for your brand.

2. They’re Trendy

Rubber wristbands are incredibly popular in all industries. Bands, charities, apparel stores, gyms, and clubs of all kinds offer them on their merch tables. 


Because they’re trendy!

With the wide array of color and design choices, there’s something for everyone. They flow with any outfit and are nearly indestructible.

Fans can swim, workout, scuba, or skydive with them. There are few things rubber wristbands won’t put up with.

3. Low Cost

You can put rubber wristbands on your band’s merch table for an incredibly low cost. That also means you can also sell them at a low cost, which your fans will love!

It’s incredibly difficult to say “no” to a stylish wristband sporting your favorite band’s logo for just five or 10 bucks!

Additionally, you can put a quote, lyric, catchphrase, tagline, hashtag, or website on the back of the wristband. More free advertising!

4. Use Wristbands as Free Add-Ons

 What’s the best way to sell the items on your merch table?

Include free stuff with big purchases!

Because you can get rubber wristbands in bulk at a super low price, hand them out like candy as a bonus for people who buy bigger items!

You can hang them up with t-shirts and other apparel or have a massive promotional sign that reads “free wristband for all purchases over $25!”

Adding a free bonus to purchases shows up to a 25% increase in sales conversions. After all, free is everyone’s favorite price!

5. Raise Awareness

As we discussed above, wristbands are a great way to improve brand awareness for your band. However, wristbands are also a helpful promotional tool, even if you’re promoting a cause instead of your band.

Run a charity within the community. Put on a free performance for a cause of your choice. However, sell charity-specific wristbands on your merch table for a higher cost.

The rubber wristbands should have the charity in big, bold letters on the front, and your band’s name or website in a smaller font on the back.

All the money will go to the charity you’ve chosen, but you’ll have a lot of awesome, generous people out there wearing your band’s name!

6. Endless Options

Rubber wristbands offer a huge variety of customization options.

The 5-step customization process allows you to choose the size, width, and style of the band. You can also choose internal and external colors, font styles and colors, and message styles.

You can create a unique band for each album you’ve produced or each location you play at.

7. Multiple Platform Sales

Another great thing about rubber wristbands is the multiple platforms you can sell them on.

You can sell them at concerts of course, but you can also put them on a virtual merch table.

Put them up on your website as a free bonus for anything people purchase. Each CD, t-shirt, or hat purchased can come with a free wristband.

To make it appeal to more people, allow them to choose from a variety of color and style options.

8. Durable and Low-Maintenance

Rubber wristbands are tough and easily washed. They can get wet, beat up, and tugged on with little to no risk of damage.

Your fans are a unique group of multi-faceted people. Some may enjoy hiking, fishing, and hunting, while others enjoy deep sea diving, ice climbing, and lifting weights.

Unlike other jewelry, rubber wristbands never need to be taken off to protect them from damage.

You can still offer other types of jewelry on your merch table. However, it should not be without rubber customized wristbands!

9. Kid-Friendly

Because rubber wristbands are so tough, they’re also incredibly kid-friendly.

They come in small and extra small sizes, perfect for kids of all ages. There are no little beads, letters, or jewelry to fall or break off either. That means there’s less risk of a choking hazard for small children.

Rubber wristbands are soft, flexible, and stretchy, making it safe and harmless for kids to wear.

10. Free Promotional Give-Aways

Another way to use rubber wristbands on a virtual merch table is to offer them for free with band promotions.

For example, offer them with your higher-priced tickets. It’s not only a motivator to sell out the better seats, but also a thank you to your fans.

Alternatively, make city and state-specific wristbands while you’re on tour. Most people have a lot of pride in their city and state you can capitalize on.

Other Products

At Make Your Wristbands, we provide all the customized rubber wristbands you could ever want for your band’s merch table!

However, we also offer other products. For example, we offer medical alert bracelets. These are vital for people with specific medical conditions.

A medical alert bracelet alerts EMT, paramedic, and other emergency response personnel of any special needs you may have in the event you are incapacitated.

For costs on all of our products, check out our pricing page!

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How to Design the Perfect Rubber Bracelet for a Cause

You’ve seen them before. People wearing bright, silicone bracelets that have some kind of message or design on them.

What are they used for? The answer is that the rubber bracelet for a cause is used to raise awareness and get attention for something important! 

Do you want to start using them for your business or a cause you are passionate about?

If so, keep reading to see how you can create, design, and spread the bracelets of your choice.

How Can Rubber Bracelets Raise Awareness?

First introduced in the 1980s, rubber bracelets have been widely used. In 2004, Lance Armstrong popularized the idea of using rubber bracelets to raise awareness.

The reason that these bracelets work is that they stand out, they are uniform, and they are easily distributable.

Standing Out Amongst the Rest

If you see someone, or even a group of people, wearing a bright and eye-catching bracelet, you’re probably going to wonder what it is.

You can create your own colors, looks, and designs to help your bracelets look like none of the others before it.

This helps build excitement and with the excitement comes awareness.

They All Look the Same

Whenever you see groups of people out in public wearing the same thing, you are automatically going to think about what they are trying to do. Are they supporting something? Are they protesting something?

The reason for this is that when things are out of the ordinary, we tend to pay more attention.

If we see a bunch of people wearing the same rubber bracelets, we are going to look more closely and wonder why we don’t have one too.

Having a unified and uniform bracelet for everyone that is supporting your cause is a great way to not only get more attention but also to make sure people understand what it is all about.

Easy to Get the Word Out

Rubber bracelets are easy to make and are one size fits all. This means you can make a bunch of them and hand them out all over the place!

Since we already know your bracelets are attention grabbing and will cause excitement, the main thing is to be sure that we are getting them out there and getting people to want to wear them.

Having a great design is one of the best ways to do that.

How to Design a Rubber Bracelet for a Cause

People of all ages like rubber bracelets, so it makes it a little easier when your audience can be so broad.

Silicone rubber is a really versatile type of material, which is why it is so broadly used. Rubber jewelry has started to become more popular and rubber bracelets, in particular, are an inexpensive way to still be fashionable and support a good cause.

There is a really simple and fast molding process used in the bracelets that allows a lot of them to be made at once with the same design. You can have unique messages, colors, and sizes that reflect what you want.

The potential for creativity is really broad when you think about the types of design modifications you can have and how efficient it is to make a ton of these bracelets at once.

Production Process

Bracelets can be made with other types of synthetic materials, but it is also possible to make it exclusively with silicone.

Silicone is a substance that is water resistant and flexible due to the bonded polymer with numerous elastomeric qualities. It also is pretty heat resistant but doesn’t always last in excessive UV light.

Bracelets are usually dyed before the molding process and can be one color, multiple colors, or a rainbow effect.

All bracelets are usually cut at 7 or 8.5 inches long. They can be thicker, but usually, they are about half an inch thick.

There are a few different ways to get your message onto the bracelets, including:

  • Debossed – This is the most common format where the words are actually imprinted into the silicone mold. 
  • Embossed – This is when the words are raised up instead of being imprinted, but appear in a similar way to debossing.
  • Screen printed – A silk-screen printer is used to apply text to the surface of the bracelet in a different color. 
  • Color debossed/Ink-filled – The difference with this and regular debossing is that the words have a different color embedded in them, making them easier to read.

All of these are great options to get your message onto the bracelet and each of them has slightly different price points based on the difficulty.

The most important thing to remember about the design is that it should be reflective of your main purpose, whether it is a business, a cause you care about, or something else entirely.

Ready to Create the Perfect Bracelets?

Now that you know more about how to create a rubber bracelet for a cause or how it can be effective, you may be interested in doing it for yourself.

The good news is that it is really quite simple to get an order going for this type of product and they are often made in bulk! That way you can get a lot of them at once and you can start getting the word out as soon as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how these can help your cause or business, feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Are Rubber Bracelets a Fashion Statement?

Do you remember how everyone in your school had rubber bracelets growing up? They were popular in the 2000s because their bright colors and low cost attracted children to them like a beacon. They’re still around to this day because they’re an inexpensive promotional item for companies and organizations alike.

Many people will wear one from an organization that they care a lot about. Some people just have a random junk drawer full of them because they can’t stop receiving new ones. If you’re the one with a drawer full, the good news is you can make them work for you.

Here are a few ways that you can make a new rubber bracelet into an awesome fashion statement.

1. Try to Stick to One Color

When you’re trying to wear rubber bracelets, there will be a temptation to wear as many colors as possible on your wrists. Rubber bracelets are colorful already so when you pile them on, they just become overwhelming to the eyes.

If you’re just the type of person who loves a lot of colors, that’s fine. Just try to not wear more than three different ones on a single wrist otherwise you may look like a walking advertisement for Crayola.

2. It Can Work as an Accent

It can be a bit strange to wear a rubber bracelet to a formal event but if you must then nobody can stop you. Except for maybe your significant other or mom, but if you wear the bracelet as an accent they won’t even notice that you’re wearing it.

To this end, you don’t want it to stand out too much so you want it to match the color of your suit or dress. You can also use it as a little pop of color and match it to your shoes or other accessories.

3. Wear One at a Time

The best way to avoid tackiness is by wearing one bracelet at a time. If you’re wearing one that has a charm on it this is the best way to show that off. If you’re wearing a stack of bracelets nobody will really be able to see it.

The most you’ll want to wear is one on each wrist if you’re trying to be more subtle with your look.

4. Stack Them

On the flip side of this, you can wear a huge stack of bracelets. It can look tacky depending on how you do it though. Madonna made this look popular in the 80’s by wearing them all the way up her arm.

Her rubber bracelets were all black though. So if you want to copy this look, you can have them all be one color. Again, this look doesn’t really work if your rubber bracelets have charms or you’re trying to promote brands that you like.

5. Connect Them

Another trend you probably noticed when you were a kid was that the children who wore them would connect several of them to make one bracelet. Overlap them like a ven diagram on a hard surface. Take the right side of the left bracelet and drag it over the left side of the right bracelet and repeat with the other side.

The end result will be a hole in the middle that you should be able to fit your hand through.

6. Wear them According to Your Outfit

You want to wear them differently depending on what sort of outfit you’re wearing. If it’s more of a casual beach day or a mall outing with friends then you can make them stand out as much as you want.

Wearing a black top? Then we give you permission to wear a highlighter orange rubber bracelet. We got into formal a little bit above but it goes without saying that if you’re trying to be formal, you’ll leave the highlighter colors at home.

When wearing a rubber bracelet with a formal suit, allow it to peak just above your cufflink without fully exposing it.

7. Bracelet/Watch Combo

For some people, wearing something on each wrist feels strange. They would rather bulk down one wrist than space their accessories out. If you’re one of these people then you can have your cake and eat it too by wearing your rubber bracelet with a watch.

If you go with a subtle color bracelet it could actually give off a complete look. Also, fewer people will criticize you for wearing a rubber bracelet if you’re also wearing a watch like the responsible adult society expects you to be.

8. Promote a Brand

Is there an organization that you’re always giving money to or does your child’s high school chorus give out rubber bracelets as part of a fundraiser? If yes, it is perfectly acceptable for you to promote these organizations by wearing one.

Again, if you’re wearing one for this purpose, then you want to steer clear of wearing multiple ones on one wrist or nobody will be able to tell what organization you’re supporting.

Can You Make a New Rubber Bracelet a Fashion Statement?

While you may feel like rubber bracelets went out of fashion years ago, they are still going strong. So, if you still have a drawer full of them, don’t feel ashamed for breaking them out and making them into your own fashion statement. Use these tips for wearing a new rubber bracelet to promote a brand you care about or just match it with your favorite outfit.

Need a quick promotional item for your business? Go here to create your own custom rubber bracelets.

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Everything You Could Ever Want to Know about Rubber Bracelets

There was a very particular moment back in the early 2000s when yellow rubber bracelets suddenly started appearing on everyone’s wrists.

This was the Livestrong bracelet, an initiative by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise money for cancer research. If you had one, you wore it with pride to show your support for the cause. If you didn’t have one, you can be sure that you were plotting how to get one.

By the end of 2010, the Lance Armstrong Foundation had raised $43 million for cancer research – and a big part of this came from sales of Livestrong bracelets.

Since then, rubber bracelets have proliferated as a powerful fundraising and marketing tool. But they’re so much more than that.

Maybe you’ve never thought much about rubber bracelets before. Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a list of 15 cool things to know about rubber bracelets.

1. Show Your Support for a Cause

People are sure to notice a brightly colored rubber bracelet around your wrist. When they look a bit closer, they’ll see a powerful message printed or engraved into the bracelet.

It’s a quick and easy way to get your message out into the world, and helps to maximize the number of people who connect with your cause.

People will come to associate the color and style of your wristband with your cause, creating a strong visual link to your message.

2. Fundraising with Rubber Bracelets

The low cost of rubber bracelets means that you can make a lot for very little money. By giving them to members of the public in exchange for a donation, you’ve got yourself a clear and simple fundraising campaign that’ll build loyalty to your cause or brand.

People will usually pay more than the suggested donation, making them a great way to get a high return on a small initial investment.

3. Fundraising Goes Beyond Selling Wristbands

Selling wristbands is a tried-and-true method for raising money, but it’s not the only way that wristbands can help you meet your fundraising goals.

At fundraising events, you can create wristbands in multiple colors and give prizes to people who collect the full set.

Or you can partner with local businesses to offer a discount for anyone wearing your wristband.

4. Promote Your Business

Could rubber bracelets be the promotional T-shirt of the 21st century?

Not only are bracelets cheaper to produce, but they’re more versatile, and people can wear them every day.

You can also give them away at business conferences to remind people of your product or service.

5. Rubber Bracelets for Festivals

Rubber bracelets are a great tool for managing large events.

By giving people rubber bracelets when they buy tickets, it’s easy to make sure that no one sneaks in.

You can even color code the bracelets to help manage different sections of attendees.

6. Medical Alert Bracelets

Rubber bracelets aren’t just a fun accessory; they can also serve a practical purpose.

Perhaps you’ve seen people wearing metal bracelets showing that they have an allergy to a medication.

Hard metal can cut into the skin, and sometimes busy medical professionals might not notice a thin metal chain around someone’s wrist.

Not only is silicone a much more comfortable option, but the bold colors of rubber bracelets can also make them more visible to hospital staff.

7. Customized for Your Needs

When choosing a color and style, the sky’s the limit with our customized rubber bracelets.

We offer four different width options, single- and multi-colored bracelets, and a range of designs for making your text stand out.

8. Non-Toxic & Non-Allergenic Silicone

All our bracelets are made with 100% silicone. This non-allergenic, latex-free material can be thought of as a hybrid between rubber and plastic.

It’s completely safe, non-toxic, and gives you a whole range of options in designing your bracelets.

9. A Rainbow of Colors

Our rubber bracelets can be made in over 1,000 customized colors using the Pantone Color Matching System.

You can also choose bracelets with multiple different color segments, as well as swirled designs.

10. Make That Message Stand Out

You’ve thought hard about what you want your rubber bracelets to say. We’re here to help you make sure your message stands out.

Our ink-filled wristbands are the highest quality rubber bracelets on the market today. To make these, we first carve out words into the wristband and then fill them in with the colored ink of your choice.

If you want a simpler, monochromatic look, we’ve got you covered there too.

Debossing is a technique that makes the words appear engraved into the wristband. Embossing, by contrast, makes the words appear to rise out of the wristband.

11. Glow in the Dark

Did you know that our rubber bracelets can glow in the dark?

This makes them a great accessory for parties. Imagine all your guests dancing, pumping their fists to the music while wearing glow-in-the-dark wristbands.

Glow-in-the-dark bracelets not only look cool, but can also help to make sure that children stay safe when they’re playing in the dark.

12. Get Creative with Styling

With so many design options for rubber bracelets, they make a fun way to express your personal style.

Stack them up to create a rainbow effect. Add a bold pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

13. A Gender-Neutral Accessory

Anyone can wear a rubber bracelet!

Women, men, and children alike enjoy wearing accessories with a special meaning.

14. A Rubber Bracelet for Every Cause and Occasion

We’ve made rubber bracelets to raise awareness of breast cancer, AIDS, anti-bullying, school fundraisers, and church events.

Add this to all the uses of rubber bracelets at fundraising events, conferences, festivals, and parties.

The list of possible uses for rubber bracelets is endless.

15. Reusing Your Old Rubber Bracelets

Even after you’re done wearing them, there are tons of ways to reuse your old rubber bracelets.

The flexible silicone can be repurposed into a great kitchen tool for opening jars. Rubber bracelets can also make cool, colorful keychains and bookmarks.

You can get creative with your ways to reuse your rubber bracelets, and by recycling them, you’re helping the environment!

What Are You Waiting For?

Rubber bracelets are a powerful tool for raising funds for a cause, showing your support for a movement, or managing events.

Place your order today, and we’ll make sure that you have your bracelets in just a few days!

Happy designing!

custom rubber bracelets

Support Your Cause With Custom Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are the best way to promote your business, support a cause, or remember a loved one. If you are a fan of professional sports then surely you have see one of your favorite players wearing a rubber bracelet. That is because they are extremely comfortable and can be worn 24/7 without getting in the way. Even though they are such a popular item, many people are not aware that you can order custom rubber bracelets.

custom rubber bracelets

Custom Rubber Bracelets

Custom rubber bracelets can be ordered to your exact specifications therefore the possibilities are endless! Using our custom rubber bracelet designer you can create a unique wristband in minutes. Choose a specific color using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) and add a logo for a custom touch. Choose from a standard youth or adult size or create a custom length and width. We offer many different message options such as screen printed, ink filled, embossed and debossed. The minimum order quantity for a fully customizable wristband is 50 pieces but we offer other options that can be purchased with no minimums.

Personalized Rubber Bracelets

Personalized rubber bracelets such as Laser Debossed or Dual Layer can be delivered as soon as tomorrow! Order 1 – 10,000 and choose from hundreds of our stock colors, fonts and clipart. Do you like finding a good deal? Check out our discounted colors and save up to 50%. We guarantee that all of our rush orders will ship on time so you can focus on what is important. We have produced tens of millions of wristbands for hundreds of thousands of customers and counting. No job is too small or too difficult. Our operators are standing by via call, chat or email to help walk  you through the process. We never substitute our wristbands with latex. Our rubber wristbands are 100% non-allergenic.

Labor Day 2018

Labor Day 2018: What Is The Best Gift For Co-workers

Labor Day is coming! It means the summer is officially going to end and you are getting time to spend it with your dear ones. However, the Labor Day is also about honoring workers. Giving a gift is a great way of admiring someone’s work and making them feel good about their job.

What is the best gift for co-workers?

Although the world of gifts is full of interesting products, and many of them are available in online stores, choosing an appropriate gift for colleagues is not an easy task. It becomes a problem when you have numbers of co-workers. In this case, you need something which is interesting and inexpensive. Customized wristbands are a solution to your problem.

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Make Your Halloween Spookier With Customized Wristbands

It’s the time to make preparations for Halloween! As everyone is busy making plans for 31st October, you should also start thinking of some unique ideas to make Halloween 2018 memorable for you. Choosing a Halloween outfit and searching for local events to attend are some things that everyone does every year. What unique you can do this year? Look at some of “Halloween costume ideas” videos on YouTube which have a lot of likes and views on social media. Choose the most interesting costume for you as the host of the party.

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Major Reasons Men Wear Bracelets On Their Wrists

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What Is The Latest Most Popular Bracelet?

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What Is The Difference Between A Wristband And A Bracelet?

Humans have been wearing various types of accessories.around their wrists for centuries. They were a symbol of power in some early communities while others wear them as a fashion accessory. In the modern world, bracelets and wristbands are popular as a wrist-wear.

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