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Never Forget: 5 Ways to Use Reminder Bracelets and Where to Make Them Online

Do you remember when gel reminder bracelets become a huge hit for Lance Armstrong? The “Livestrong” bracelets could be seen on the wrists of many different people ranging from kids in high school to even adults at work. This kind of bracelet is called a reminder bracelet.

When the “Livestrong” bracelets became a hit, they were used to remind us of those suffering from cancer and to bring awareness to the disease. Reminder bracelets can also be used for several other reasons. If you haven’t already made your own reminder bracelet, now might be the time to do so.

If you’re not sure if you could use reminder bracelets or not, then you’ll want to continue reading. Here are five ways to use reminder bracelets and where to go to make your own!

1. Fundraiser Bracelets

The first reason on our list of reasons for making reminder bracelets is for fundraising purposes. This could be for a fundraiser at school or even at work. If you’re looking to raise money for an event or for a cause, you can sell these bracelets and use the money to put toward your fundraiser.

When making reminder bracelets for your fundraiser, be sure to select colors that your audience is going to love. You should also have some type of writing on them that helps promote what your fundraiser is. For example, if you’re selling bracelets to fund a new science lab at school, consider using a fun science phrase on the bracelets or something similar.

2. Awareness Bracelets

These bracelets also work well to raise awareness of different causes. This could be just about anything from politics to illnesses. For example, if working at a school and a child becomes ill with a disease, or a co-worker at your office becomes sick, you can use these bracelets to bring awareness to the disease.

Selling bracelets to bring awareness also helps you raise money for the family of those affected by the illness. For example, if your co-worker becomes ill and misses time from work and accumulates multiple hospital bills, you can sell bracelets to others in the office and give the money to the ill co-worker. This will help him or her get back on his or her feet after recovery.

When making reminder bracelets to bring awareness to something, be sure to print the disease on the bracelet so that others see it and become curious to learn more about it.

3. Medical Alert Bracelets

Reminder bracelets can also be used as medical alert bracelets. Medical alert bracelets are essential for those with conditions that emergency responders might need to know about. This could be being diabetic or even having a specific allergy to something.

This is ideal for the elderly who not always remember to let others know of a certain condition they have. It’s also good for younger people as well. For example, imagine if you have a special condition and are in an accident and are unresponsive.

Your reminder medical alert bracelet will inform emergency responders of everything they need to know.

4. School Reminder Bracelets

If you’re a teacher, then you might find several uses for your reminder bracelets. It seems like there’s always something that the school is doing and needs the children or the children’s parents’ participation in. With that being said, it’s easy to sometimes forget to do things.

Parents can easily become overwhelmed by all of the different events, fundraisers, field trips, and more. When this happens, there’s a good chance that several parents will forget to sign something, send money in, or something else. Having reminder bracelets in your classroom is a great way to help keep everyone on task.

For example, if your students have an upcoming field trip, you can use these bracelets to send home on your students’ wrists. When they get home, they can show their parents their reminder bracelets, and parents will remember to pack their child’s lunch for that day or send money.

Reminder bracelets can be used for several different reminders in the classroom.

5. Sports Bracelets

Sports bracelets are a good way to remind players of their team spirit. Because these bracelets can be customized, you can create them to match your team’s colors and mascot perfectly. On the bracelet, be sure to have the team’s name printed on them.

All players will feel confident wearing their team bracelets. You can also use them for fundraising purposes for your sport’s team as well. Players can sell bracelets to their parents, friends, and other family members to allow them to show support at the games.

Any money that’s made from selling the bracelets can go toward new team uniforms, new equipment, gas for traveling to away games, and so much more. Your players will also appreciate looking up into the stands and seeing so many supporters out there wearing their team colors!

Create Your Own Reminder Bracelets Today!

There are plenty of different reasons why you might benefit from creating your own reminder bracelet. These reasons above are just to name a few. If you believe that you could benefit from making your own customized reminder bracelets, then it’s time you start creating yours today!

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We have something to suit everyone’s reminder bracelet needs!

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