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Business Branding with Custom Bracelets

It doesn’t matter which way you slice it: building your brand and reaching new customers is difficult. Your customers lead busy lives, and most of them aren’t exactly looking for ads everywhere they go.

When it comes to standing out, there’s one oldie that still works its magic: promotional products. In fact, consumers keep each promotional product for an average of eight months. Even at that point, most consumers give away those products instead of throwing them out.

If you’re looking for the next promotional product to bring in a surge of new business, look no further than custom bracelets.

Why Rubber Custom Bracelets Should Be Your Next Branding Project

Rubber custom bracelets are nothing new. Many people think of them as Livestrong bracelets because the Livestrong campaign made them mainstream.

Today, though, businesses use these bracelets as powerful tools for branding. They’re successful choices for several reasons.

They’re Versatile

Some promotional products have a time and a place. There are certain somber or awkward settings where you shouldn’t pass out fidget spinners or pinwheels.

With custom bracelets, though, there’s never an inappropriate time or place. Kids and adults both love them, and water won’t damage them so they can go anywhere.

You can also use your bracelets in several different ways. You could get them with your branding only so you can use them for any event, trade show, or public outing. If you prefer, you can get specific and include the name of a specific event on them.

They Won’t End Up in the Trash

Some promotional products seem cool at first, but businesses don’t think about whether customers will actually use them. If you’re handing out temporary tattoos at a festival filled with adults and senior citizens, chances are that you won’t get much mileage from them.

Rubber bracelets, on the other hand, are crowd-pleasers. They’re popular enough that people will go out of their way to get them.

They also have enough weight and substance to them that people are less likely to toss them out with the brochures and paper goods they’ve collected.

They’re Cost-Effective

No matter how much you stand to gain from a promotional product, you can only produce what you have the budget to buy. Thankfully, with rubber bracelets, that isn’t much of a hurdle.

Rubber bracelets are less expensive than many other promotional products. That includes products that are less successful.

Not only do you have a low cost, but you get a lot of impact from that small investment. Considering how durable rubber bracelets are, your giveaway could keep building your brand for months or years.

Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Rubber Bracelets

You’ve seen the benefits and you’ve decided that rubber bracelets will be your next promotional products. How do you go about designing them? Start with these tips.

Choose Your Printing Company Wisely

Many companies make the mistake of creating their bracelet design first. Then they try to find a printing company or manufacturer that can bring their vision to life.

Instead, take the easier route. Choose your printing company first.

One reason for this is that the printing company will play such a powerful role in the process. It doesn’t matter how good your design is if the printer sends you back a sloppy product.

Another reason to do this is that different printers can have different design stipulations.

What if you create your design in one program and then discover that your printer needs a different file format, and you can’t convert the file? You have to re-create the design in a new file.

Review Your Printing Company’s Options First

After you’ve chosen a printing company, the next step is to know what options they have available. This could factor into your design.

For example, does the printer offer bracelets in your brand’s colors? Or do you need to work your brand’s colors into your design so it can go on a neutral-colored bracelet?

The printer’s options might also inspire your design. Perhaps you discover that they can print double-sided bracelets and you want to explore this in your design.

Regardless, knowing what is available from the start allows you to design your bracelet once. You’re less likely to change your mind later and go back to the drawing board.

Consider a More Creative Use

The most popular and obvious way to use custom bracelets is to brand them with general information about your business. It might be a tag line and your logo for example.

What if you wanted to take it a step further?

Consider turning your bracelets into coupons. For example, offer that anyone who comes into your restaurant wearing your bracelet will get half off their drinks and appetizers.

This serves two purposes. First, it makes customers more likely to wear your bracelet out and about because they have a reason to. Second, it’s a call-to-action that gets people in the door.

You can do something similar if you sell products online instead. Consider printing a discount code on each bracelet. This has the same effect of convincing customers to take that next step and visit your site, instead of just knowing about it.

Launching Your Next Great Campaign with Custom Bracelets

Rubber and silicone custom bracelets came on the scene as a way for people to support specific causes. While some still serve that purpose, they’ve expanded to do much more.

If you’re on the hunt for the next promotional product to add to your marketing toolbox, custom bracelets could be the perfect solution. They’re simple to design, easy to transport, and beloved by many.

To get started today, review our custom wristband options and start creating your unique design.

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