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Custom Livestrong Bracelets: The Ultimate Swag Bag Gift for Your Next Event

As 75% of all workers keep at least one promotional item in their work space, there’s proof that swag works. Deciding what you want to give away as swag is hard if you don’t know your attendees intimately. However, custom LiveStrong bracelets are one of the hottest items out there.

Here’s why you should choose this as your hot-ticket giveaway item.

They’re Inexpensive

When you’re considering promotional items that you need for your next event, bracelets are one of the cheapest options available. They’re a high-quality item that you should consider adding to any swag bag that won’t cost you very much.

Many manufacturers can make then for less than 20 cents each. When you buy in enough bulk you could promote your business to thousands of people who wear the bands and the many more who see them. This is an inexpensive investment that gives you a substantial footprint.

There are few promotional items that are as affordable as wristbands are.

They Come in So Many Styles

What’s great about these wristbands is that no two have to look alike. Even if you’re inspired by the popular LiveStrong bracelets, you can have custom LiveStrong bracelets that are all your won.

Your company needs to be unique to thrive in this world. The extensive wristband options out there give you the chance you’re looking to stand out.

They come in so many styles and colors that there’s a unique look out there just for you and your brand. What’s great about how affordable they are to produce is that you can let people choose their own color at your swag table.

By giving people options while still pushing your brand, they’ll develop a deep attachment to the object. They’ll find themselves wearing it long after your event has concluded.

They’re So Durable

When you give people a promotional item, you want it to become a part of their lives. With wristbands, you get a promo item that’s sure to last for years and remind people of your brand every day that they see it.

When you promote your business, you’re not just promoting it to a single customer. You’re promoting it to anyone who ends up with the wrist band or anyone who sees it. You get to amplify your impact for years to come.

It’s possible that your promotional items will change hands several times for several years. People pass the coolest promotional items along to friends and your wristband could be on that some people covet. They’ll be telling other people about your brand along the way.

Brand Your Way

With custom LiveStrong bracelets, you get the chance to brand in a way that makes sense for you. Keep it simple with something that just says your company name. An attractive item with your URL address can do much more than an elaborate piece of swag.

Get minimalist and pick a cool color and add your logo to the bracelet.

However, you definitely want people to check out your website and your brand online. Make sure that your logo makes it clear who you are. A striking wristband can make people curious and even want one of their own.

Serious Visibility

When you promote your brand with a bracelet, you get one promotional item that’s sure to reach as many eyes as possible. Wristbands are clear and visible in ways that cups or pens aren’t.

Pens live in pockets or inside of desk drawers when they’re not being used. Cups live in a cupboard or a dishwasher for most of their life. However, a bracelet is worn by your newly minted brand ambassador and is showcased each time they make a gesture.

T-shirts have long been a great way to get visibility but they’re expensive to produce and people are less likely to wear them. Most people already have plenty of shirts. In the business and professional space, people have far fewer bracelets.

The Perfect Event Object

A bracelet is one of the best items to have and give away at events. When companies hold events, giving out bracelets right when they arrive gets them in the spirit. They can identify other people in the group and it actually facilitates social interaction.

When you have an event at a large space, giving them a trendy and cool item helps you keep track of people. Give them a good slogan or catchphrase on the bracelet and you’ll find them using it over and over. Put some serious thought into the wristband and it can be the most coveted item from your event.

If you have events that have different levels of access, presenters, participants, and regular guests, you can use different colors. This helps people to feel special at your event and also helps you run things. When people are identified by a bracelet or the color of their bracelet, the event will run more smoothly.

It’s also good if you hold any kind of even off-site. It keeps your group together and identifiable, which is easier for hosts to run a promotion or special for guests.

Custom Livestrong Bracelets are Cheap and Easy

When it comes down to putting together your swag bag, you ultimately want something that’s easy to produce and that people will like. Custom LiveStrong bracelets are the best candidate around. They help you organize your event and can make people feel part of their group without having to wear a shirt or uniform.

To ensure that your bracelets do the work of promoting your brand, follow our guide for tips.

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