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Show Your Support for Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer has become the greatest cause of deaths among children in various countries and the number is on an increase. According to the surveys, the cases of childhood cancer have increased by 29% in the last 20 years. You will just be surprised to know that a child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes; that means around 25000 kids are diagnosed with cancer every month. The count is just big and there is the need to put a stop to it. So, educating the people and fundraising the research has become really crucial to deal with the cause.

Some facts and statistics of childhood cancer

  • Causes of childhood cancer are unknown; so, there is no way to prevent it.
  • Though this type of cancer is considered as rare, even then more than a quarter million children are diagnosed with the disease every year.
  • In the US, approximately 80% of cancer affected kids survive 5 years, while the 20% of them die prematurely.
  • One in every 285 US kids is diagnosed with cancer before he reaches at the age of 20.
  • There are not enough donations for promoting the research on the cause.
  • Research on the childhood cancer is less funded as compared to other types of cancers.
  • No cancer drug has been developed yet for childhood cancer.

“All these facts depict the need of raising funds for the cause.”

Children are the future of every country, so you need to make every possible effort to cope with this serious disease. You can promote awareness and educate the people, which will result in the timely diagnosis of the cause. Along with that, you can also make efforts to raise funds for supporting the research. As research will find out the preventive ways, better diagnosis methods and the possible treatments, you need to support it as much you can. Always remember that a single effort made by you will give a hope for the cure to the affected children and can make a big difference.

Awareness bands to raise funds and awareness about Childhood Cancer

There are a plenty of ways that you can use for showing your support for the survivors and raising funds for their treatment as well as for advanced research. These ways include social media posts, road shows, event organizing, using childhood cancer awareness wristbands and more. If you are concerned about the most effective way, then we would like to recommend you using the silicone wristbands. As golden color is used for childhood cancer, you can get these bracelets designed in the golden color. The stunning, highly appealing, comfortable, inexpensive and trendy wristbands will work great for making your fundraising activity successful.

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