Breastfeeding Week Wristbands to Celebrate the Week and Raise Awareness

All of you must be aware that how much the breastfeeding is important for the proper development and well-being of a child, but many few of you will be known for the fact that it also leads to the development of the nation. Taking this into consideration, the theme for World Breastfeeding Week 2016 has been chosen, which represents breastfeeding as a key element for the sustainable development.

World Breastfeeding Week is observed and celebrated from August 1 to August 7, every year since 1992. There is no doubt that a lot has been achieved till now through this celebration, but still there is the need of doing more to accomplish the desired goals. The main objective of celebrating this week is educating the mothers about the importance of breastfeeding and encouraging them to continue it for the proper development of their babies. According to WHO, breastfeeding plays a crucial role in the physical and mental development of the babies. Therefore, it recommends the mothers to start breastfeeding their babies within an hour of baby-birth and continuing it until the baby gets 6 months old. Though other nutritious foods should be added to baby’s diet after that, but breastfeed should also be continued side-by-side for a period of two years or more.

So, the main purpose of celebrating the breastfeed week is encouraging breastfeeding and making the people aware of its various benefits. It also aims at educating the people about the results if babies are not breastfed for the required time and alerting the mothers who are feeding their babies with formula. Though formula claims the same results, but studies show that the babies fed with it experience low brain development and greater risk of getting prone to diseases (like childhood lymphoma). These risks also exist if the breastfeeding is stopped earlier than recommended.

Wristbands for World Breastfeeding Week

Understanding the importance of breastfeeding, you must do something to boost up its awareness in the first week of August, which is observed for the same. And, if you are thinking that how you can make your contribution, then we would like to recommend you the best way which is using customized bracelets. You can wear these bands to infatuate others, can distribute them among others, can use at an event and more. There are a number of ways by which you can use Breastfeeding Week bracelets for raising awareness about the week. Get them designed in the way you want (which include the selection of design, color, size and custom message) and make your contribution towards the event.

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