Teen Dating Violence Awareness

Promoting Healthy Relationships With Teen Dating Violence Awareness Wristbands

Violence sadly is a known evil plaguing several classes of people in the world. It exists across cultures, sex, age and boundaries. Although all of them are deplorable acts, one such act affects more than the physical health but the overall psyche of a person.

Teen Dating violence occurs between two partners who are intimate with each other. Such a violence can affect a person physically, sexually and/or emotionally.

It has since long been considered a public health issue for rightful reasons. They incite issues inside a person-affecting them mentally and physically. This causes a person to become self-harming, anxious, depressed, show tendencies of substance abuse and/or attain suicidal tendencies. Somehow TDV also makes them susceptible to physical and sexual harm by others once they’ve grown up.

There are several factors that add up to this:

  • The belief of the victim that accepts that dating violence is normal. This belief later births the belief of the victim thinking they deserve it. This belief is accepted by the individual causing the violence, will be accepted as the go-to excuse which should be criticized.
  • A person who is anxious or depressed can be responsible for causing the same.
  • Substance abuse is another factor that causes a person to become abusive.
  • Individuals who observe domestic violence are capable of doing so too.
  • Aggression towards friends or peer can result in same.
  • Being engaged in sexual activity in early years or having multiple sexual partners.

It is more than important to resolve this as mentioned before, as this can result in anxiety depression and suicidal tendencies. There are several ways by which we can achieve that.

The most important way by which we can stop it is by killing it in its crib. The first and foremost is to make sure all the mentioned factors are tended to. Teen mental health is something to make sure is taken care of from the beginning. Talking to your kids and telling them about anxiety and depression helps. Problems of drugs and alcohol shouldn’t be tackled with violence. Most importantly encouraging people to talk out is necessary. Awareness helps with that and that can be worked out using customized rubber bracelets.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Wristbands

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Wristbands

Anyone who stands against such evil should wear wristbands customized to support and show that it’s not that uncommon. Once people raise questions regarding your custom rubber bracelets you can educate them about it. Victims support is again an important way by which we can tackle this problem. If the victims stood out and openly made those who are still affected by it, believe that things will be alright if they’ll just turn towards a positive life path. It is advisable for victims to wear awareness wristbands too. This will enable them to be identified and thus easier to talk to. We can also spread awareness about it since the problem is that most people don’t realize what they’re doing adds up to deterioration of someone’s sanity.

It is therefore recommended to talk to your kids, your friends and family. Make sure no one is being hurt by this evil practice and that no one who was hurt once by it was left untreated.
So speak out, identify and resolve. None should live that way.

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