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Promote National Heart Month – Know More About the Silent Killer

A heart has been the most symbolic organ ever throughout our history. It is often interpreted as a sign of love, central wisdom and the union of soul and body. An important symbol throughout the history; heart is arguably the most important organ of our body and ironically it’s the only organ we take ever so lightly as not to keep it fit and healthy.

Cardiovascular diseases have been killing a major portion of humanity for a long time. While in ancient times, it was a mystery to us, scientific understandings have brought us closer to knowing the killer that silently comes in and affects more than just a life. Once affected by it, it will remain an evil in your life forever.  You can show your support by wearing accessories like red custom rubber bracelets. It’s a great way to raise awareness of heart disease.

custom rubber bracelets

custom rubber bracelets

A few facts about the damage that CVDs do would be:

  • In 2014 in US 220 of 100,000 people died from CVD.
  • The number becomes frightening when we realize every 40 seconds, a person dies from CVD. That’s 2,200 deaths on a daily basis.
  • On every 40 seconds, a person on an average suffered a stroke in the US. In every 4 minute, a person loses their life due to it.
  • To put that into perspective, roughly ~1 in 20 deaths in the US is due to Stroke.
  • Hypertension, which has a huge part to play in all of this exists in roughly 85.7 million or 34% of the adults in the US between 2011-2014.
  • While the 28.5 million people or 11.9% of adults had a serum cholesterol level of 240 mg/dL or higher.
  • Another CVD triggering factor, diabetes is said to affect 23.4 million or 9.1% of total adults.
  • At the same time, there are 1 in 3 adults in the US which indulge in a little to no leisure time or physical activity.

The number keep increasing while no one seems to realize the damage CVDs or an unhealthy lifestyle does to us. Hence, to promote heart health and to deface the silent killer CVD this heart month in February we at would like to suggest everyone whose life has been affected some way or other by CVDs to wear a custom rubber wristband to show just how many of us have endured the pain and suffering it has caused us.

To tackle the same we all should also pledge:

To eat healthy:  Your lifestyle starts to improve once you eat healthy. Once done that, your life does start to spin towards the right direction. Include seafood like salmon into your diet which has healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Let go of oily greasy food it does more harm than good.

To work out: Any time spent doing cardio-vascular activity will add more time to your life. A 20-30 min workout 3-5 times a week will ensure a happy and healthy heart.

To keep our doctor in the loop: Do a regular heart checkup with your doctor. He will keep the record of how your body is repairing itself or if you need to work on certain things like your cholesterol or HDL and LDL levels.

To reduce smoking and drinking: Smoking and drinking affect your heart rate directly. They increase the blood pressure, weaken the cardio-vascular muscles and decrease the good cholesterol. This increases your risk of having a stroke immensely.

And finally to aware those around you: Your knowledge about CVDs can help a family or a friend from an unhealthy and living in pain. As mentioned above you can also show your support by wearing personalized rubber bracelets on your arm.

So stand up, aware everyone around you and help anyone you see suffering and recovering from heart surgery or a heart attack. Lives never remain the same, a word or an acknowledgment would go a long way for them.

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