Medical Alert Bracelets

How Medical Alert Bracelets Can save Your Life

With our ever so busy life and never-ending commitments, we keep ending up in places where we aren’t supposed to be. A non-jogger who’s somehow dragged for a long hike by his friends will struggle to keep up or even quit.While that’s funny to his friends, things would not have been the same considering it could’ve have been a heart patient.

At the same time, sometimes things can happen to us even if we’re are in a safe location. Bees often enter the house and it is deadly for anyone with a bee allergy.

While you’re traveling however, you are more susceptible to hazards especially if you have allergies or any other medical conditions. Hence what should we do if we’re ever in a situation where your medical conditions have crippled your body and you can’t let the paramedics know what’s wrong?

The best answer to that is a medical alert rubber bracelets. These wristbands can be personalized to contain the following information about the wearer:

  • Patients name
  • Medical Condition
  • The medication they’re on
  • Emergency Contact number
  • Blood group (If necessary)

With all that information, a trained medic can give you the best treatment in accordance with your condition and the medications you’re on. Doing this saves a lot of precious time.

A person with a certain bug or food allergy will show symptoms of allergy from a lot of things. If the emergency response team sees the tag of your medical condition they can timely give you the shot related to your allergy and save a lot of time by not trying to single out your medical condition.

People with anemia or other issues which require an immediate blood transfusion, greatly benefit from it too.

For children with certain disorders like ADD, Autism or other special needs  customized rubber bracelets can be really helpful, not associated with medical emergencies but can let teachers and other people know whom to contact in case the child gets lost or is unable to find his way back home at a time when parents aren’t around. Alzheimer’s patients are suggested to be given these too.

Hence people with medical conditions like asthma, High/low blood pressure, diabetes, allergies and heart conditions must always keep a medical ID band on them at all times as in a recent study, it was found that emergency room personnel look for a medical ID 75% of the time; emergency response team check it 95% of the time.

This makes it crucial to wear a medical ID band. It is not that difficult to get one either. You can make your own wristbands from which lets you customize your own wristband or have it created for a loved one with a medical condition and make sure they keep it on themselves at all times.

In a time when medical help can reach you fairly quickly, it would be extremely ignorant and stupid of us to even think of taking a chance in case of an emergency. With help so near why take any chance at all? We must remember always that ‘God helps those, who help themselves’.

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