National Sleep Awareness Week

Wristbands to Support National Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep, a state of mind which is known to heal and reconnect, induce dreams and provide contentment and help you put end to a day which has taken so much out of you. Sleep is a weird phenomenon but is known to be extremely necessary for the growth of the mental and physical aspect of a human body. A baby is able to grow tall faster while it’s in a deep and comfortable sleep.

An adult after a night of refreshing and adequate sleep will feel more energized, mentally capable and refreshed enough to take care of all the tasks and tough challenges life will throw at them, the very next day. More than that, a deep and sound sleep will also ensure regular functioning of a healthy body.

To better understand and inform the world about the positive effects of sleep on an individual, National Sleep Foundation (or the NSF) was founded in 1990 by those investing their time in sleep medicine and understanding the science of sleep, sleep disorders and promoting healthy sleep habits.

In this day and age where careers have taken over our lives and have essentially made themselves the most important factor for working throughout the nights, we try to attain recognition and more training in order to move up this never-ending ladder of success. The very capable minds fall victim to such an ordeal due to the sheer focus one finds in the distraction ridden darkness of the night while not realizing how much that can affect a person’s mental and physical health.

For the same reason, NSF has come with a rather important week to make sure we as a species, understand the importance and need of sleep. The National Sleep Awareness Week 11th to 17th March 2018 is aimed to let the world understand the need and importance of sleep.

Without the adequate sleep, you are prone to a plethora of problems starting from and not limited to, mental imbalance, poor diet, impatience, lower creativity level, fatigue, and in extreme cases, diabetes, heart disease, fertility issues and all in all a greater risk of death from everything present in your life. Not finding adequate sleep in your 20’s brings you as close to danger as when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun in the hands of a sleep-deprived version of you.

To show your support against sleep deprivation, there is a lot you can do. First and foremost, find out what you want about the ill-effects of not sleeping. Find out the right ways to sleep and how much is necessary. Raise awareness in your neighborhood, your home and within all the lives you touch. Inform your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues about it.

Wear wristbands and increase the odds of others knowing about it. Wearing personalized wristbands will help strangers and those around you to engage in a conversation about these with you. You can effectively convey all the important information about the effects of sleep deprivation and help assist those who have developed the symptoms of sleep deprivation. Raising awareness with custom rubber bracelets will let you not only make a positive impact in the society, it would also invoke a huge cultural health revolution that can help the human race achieve much more than what they do now.

It’s always the small little things which can add up to give the big numbers. Sleep is definitely one of them.

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