Wristband And A Bracelet

What Is The Difference Between A Wristband And A Bracelet?

Humans have been wearing various types of accessories.around their wrists for centuries. They were a symbol of power in some early communities while others wear them as a fashion accessory. In the modern world, bracelets and wristbands are popular as a wrist-wear.

Wristbands are also known as rubber bracelets. However, a wristband and a bracelet are taken as two different accessories. What’s the difference between a bracelet and a wristband?

  • What’s A Bracelet?

A bracelet falls in the category of ornaments. It can be a chain or a band that individuals wear around their wrist as a jewelry. A bracelet is made of different metals, including gold and silver. It is usually worn on a special occasion or is matched with a dress to complement it.

  • What’s A Wristband?

Wristbands, popularly known as silicone bracelets, are colorful cuffs or straps that a wearer can wear around his wrist for different purposes. Rubber wristbands became extremely popular after Lance Armstrong used them for his Livestrong Foundation. One can wear a wristband anytime as they are easy to wear.

  • A Wristband And A Bracelet: What’s The Difference?

A major difference between wristbands and bracelets is material to make them. Bracelets are made of a metal while silicone or rubber is used to create wristbands. Some more differences between them include:

  • Wristbands are more affordable than metal bracelets.

  • Wristbands come in many types and colors. Variety in bracelets comes in the form of metal types.

  • You can customize wristbands to use them as a promotional tool. On the other side, bracelets can be customized only as a fashion accessory.

  • A wristband is a casual wrist accessory that you can wear with any type of clothing. On the other side, a bracelet is an accessory to wear on a special occasion.

Wristbands are also known as rubber bracelets and silicone bracelets. You can use them as a fashion accessory or a tool of promotion. You can design your own wristbands as per your requirement at Make Your Wristbands.

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