International Women's Day

International Women’s Day Wristbands- Custom Rubber Wristband

Women are more than an important part of our society. They are the pillar on which our world stands today. At the same time, they have been the one who has built the altar on which stands the lives of men around the world. They have truly helped men equally or more in building the society that exists today.

Seeing the contribution made by women, it’s truly sad to see them suffer inequality at the hands of their own kind sometimes.

The likes of Susan B Anthony, Simone De Beauvoir and Gloria Steinem have fought bravely for decades in order to bring women to a place where they can take their own stand in a world which is constantly unfair to women. While they have given us the necessary tool for the liberation, it is up to us, all the people who believe in absolute equality, to hold our ground and stand up for the rights of women across the globe no matter who we are in a world still unequal to women.

To give this struggle a day to unite, in 1909, 28th February was decided as the National Women’s day; although it was moved to the 8th of March to give it a global recognition in 1913.

Why do we celebrate It?

International Women’s day is celebrated to mark and celebrate the achievement of women across the different genres of society like social, economic, cultural and political. It is also celebrated to strengthen the struggle for gender parity.

How do we celebrate it?
There are different ways to celebrate International Women’s Day and few of these are:

1. To pledge gender parity: Every woman on IWD should pledge to support and fight for gender parity; equality for women across all areas of life.

2. Search for an IWD event near you to participate in: IWD is known to hold events across many countries and continents. Find one near you and celebrate it with pride and passion.

3. Stand up for yourself: The most significant way to celebrate IWD is by standing up for yourself. Taking a step in the positive direction no matter how small it is, is hugely significant.

4. Support a cause fighting for women’s rights: There are a lot of nonprofits fighting for women out there, support them either by volunteering or by making donations.

5. Wear custom rubber wristband to show support: Wearing purple wristbands (purple being the color for IWD) to support IWD is a great way to get the word out.

How can wristbands help?

Wristbands are a great way to start conversations. Wearing one does definitely get a lot of people talking. Thus you can make people aware of it by sharing the information about IWD and equality for women. The problem with inequality is that the message; about what feminism is at its core, not reaching enough people the right way.

So educate yourself about it and share it with as many people as you can. Purple wristbands are easily available online and you can make your customized rubber bracelets on multiple websites on the internet. A great one is which allows you to design your own personalized wristband.

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