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How Can I Use Custom Rubber Wristbands to boost Company’s Marketing Campaign?

Marketing is a tough and a strategic component of a business. Every product or service being provided to the general public needs to be marketed well in order to let everyone be aware of it. Since marketing takes such a huge chunk of budget from the company’s overall fund, it is important to invest in ideas that somehow pay back in not just promotion but in several other domains too. Such an item which has been widely used in that particular fashion is a custom rubber wristbands.

Widely popular in the 2000s, rubber wristbands were able to invoke the interest of millions when it was first used by Lance Armstrong in his career to promote the LIVESTRONG foundation to raise money for cancer and for the research against it. The LIVESTRONG foundation was able to raise millions by selling these customized rubber bracelets and promoting the fight against cancer.

There is a lot to be learned from this and I’ll cover these in 5 basic points which will help you understand the importance of wristbands in marketing:

Cost: Wristbands are super cost effective. A few hundred wristbands won’t burn a hole in your company’s pocket and at the same time can be distributed easily as a giveaway with your product or services. The return on investment is huge as compared to the initial amount paid for it.

Visibility: Wristbands are highly visible. Wrists are almost always visible while you’re working with your hands. Having your company’s wristband in the hand of someone will invoke the onlooker to ask questions about it. Once the one who’s wearing the band tells the onlooker about your company, that’s served its purpose well. At one point in time, the one without the band will somehow try to find more about it. Or at the very least have your brand in their memory increasing your brand’s visibility.

Reach: A wristband wearing individual can theoretically visit every place on the planet. This makes your brand’s reach infinite. It can cross boundaries, oceans and still keep traveling. It would be exciting to know that someone from the Netherlands might be looking at your brand’s wristband and asking someone question about it. That’s not a bad marketing strategy at all!

Trendy: I have seen people wearing wristbands which are quirky, humorous and witty while being promoted by a band. These can act as great conversation starters and people can choose to buy them out of their sheer importance as a trendy piece. If you can get people to generate revenue out of this, that’ll give you a dual advantage.

Loyalty: Often wearing a wristband will give the wearer a sense of confidence over your brand and might make them a loyal customer. This happens as psychologically speaking, we start supporting the things we wear on a daily basis. I had a friend who wasn’t into football. One of his friends gifted him a Liverpool FC t-shirt. While in a random conversation one day, we were talking about our favorite clubs; this guy wholeheartedly supported Liverpool FC even though he had no idea why.

Hence always try to play smart and stay ahead in terms of reaching for a strategy that can help you in multiple ways at the same time. You can easily obtain wristbands online and can make your own wristbands by giving them the designs you need from them. Make your wristbands is a website where you can design your own personalized bracelets. We have great products and the Debossed and Embossed style wristbands are especially a treat to see personalized.

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