World Thinking Day

Girl Scout World Thinking Day – Stop The Violence Wristbands

All good things are bound to come together in order to create a big positive impact on the World Thinking Day. These small little acts once carried out in unison across the world can make this big impact. Each of these small acts helps create a mosaic. Yes, mosaic, a piece of art that lets very small pieces of different color and dimension lets you create a big beautiful image.

This is to be done on the World Thinking day; a day celebrated to let multiple girl scouts and girl guides organization across the world join together and target either a big cause or multiple small causes to promote hard work, love and the overall effort these organizations make to bring a change in this world. Celebrated on the birthday of the scouts and guides founding father Lord Robert Baden-Powell and of Lady Olave Baden-Powell his wife and world chief guide, world thinking day is a brilliant opportunity for scouts and guides across the world to come and work towards a common goal.

While the last two World thinking day themes were ‘Connect’ in 2016 and ‘Grow’ in 2017, this year’s theme concentrates on ‘Impact’. This impact is targeted both outwards and inwards. While the community receives benefit from girl scouts in terms of learning, assistance, funds and many other, girl scouts and guides in return receive leadership skills, personality development, communication skills and an overall character development. Thus it is imperative that both the organizations and the people participate in celebrating World thinking day. Whether an organization or an individual, you can assist by:

1. Joining: The Lady Olave Baden-Powell activity book for this year’s Thinking day is easily available online. It allows you to pick out of three activities that you can do to raise funds:
– Impact in Lady Olave Baden-Powell ‘s Message
– Commitment brings Impact
– Impact your environmental footprint
Each of these activities will help you impact the world in two ways. One, it generates a positive impact on the environment at the same time it gives you an opportunity to raise funds.

2. Promoting: To widen the impact of the World Thinking day, it is imperative to make sure you promote it well. You can use all kind of tools at your disposal to do that. The most common and easy one being the ‘Stop the violence Wristbands’. These custom rubber wristbands can help you raise both the concern about violence against women for which World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are raising money. Using these you will be able to share the impact World Thinking day creates.

3. Collecting: As mentioned before, each year the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts raises money for different causes. For this year they have pledged to raise money for:
– Stop the violence campaign
– The World Thinking day program
– Grants for The women and girls who would be attending leadership development workshops
– New Guiding projects to let new girls join the Guides in their countries
– And a lot of other causes

4. Send: Finally, you can be sent it all to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts by contacting them and they’ll get in touch with you. Your contribution can make difference in the life of a lot of women and girls who need opportunities to create impact in the world and in their own lives in the process.

Hence on 22nd this month, Make sure you are doing your part in helping the organization that women to empower women and create more world leaders. You can make your ‘Stop the violence wristbands’  at It’s is a great website for doing so. With their beautiful looking graphics and endless modifying opportunities, you can create your perfect wristband for the support.

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