sexual violence awareness wristbands.

Sexual Violence Awareness Wristbands In the Battle Against Sexual Assault

Sexual violence hasn’t Just been plaguing one country but the entire world. The national consensus shows that 1 out of 6 women has been subjected to a partial or complete rape in her lifetime. Men aren’t safe to that either. 1 in 33 men has been subjected to attempted or completed rape in their entire life.

This is a large and a scary number which requires an immediate and large-scale awareness. The answer to that could be the sexual violence awareness wristbands.

First of all these wristbands will have the impact of raising awareness. This will happen as wristbands are visible all the time and can be a good icebreaker. When that happens, the person A who’s wearing the wristband can inform the person B, who are asking about it, regarding the challenges and the information he has about everything to do with sexual violence. This is needed to be done in order to make people realize it’s not a small problem but a grave sickness which is affecting the entire society.

It’s also not tough to make your own wristbands, a lot of websites give you options to create your own wristbands one of those being These rubber bracelets can be customized according to how you think would attract attention and let your voice be heard.

Sexual violence is also a major public health issue as sexual violence causes a lot of problems to the victim and to the perpetrator as well. Any sexual violence results in a lot of physical problems starting from chronic pain, headaches and STDs to the mental problems like trust issues, fear, anger and stress. These can breed into bigger problems and cause bigger impacts by turning into eating disorders, depression and suicidal tendencies.

Hence it is imperative to tackle this issue by raising awareness against it. A few other ways by which you can do it by are:

  • To find your rights as an independent human being and understand taking responsibility for your own body. No one should be able to touch you without your consent.
  • By engaging people on social media, you’ll be able to raise your voice against the issue by posting stories, blog, photos and infographic videos which will better outline the problem.
  • It’s critical to address the issue and talk about it if you’ve been personally been affected by it. There’s no real to stay quiet as the perpetrators might affect lives of someone you love.
  • Another issue that needs to be addressed is the idea of victim blaming. In any way, no victim was ever asking for the behavior by which they were treated. To everyone who talks to you about it; give them reasons and situation as to why it is not the right way to go.
  • Make sure you also inform people about how important a bystander is. A bystander can be a friend, family, acquaintance or even a stranger who’s actively or passively aware of the act of sexual violence being carried out against the victim. As a bystander, there are a number of duties which they should be entrusted upon. Research and understand and them impart this knowledge to your peers and community. A single person can save someone from the most derogatory experience of someone’s life.
  • Be generous and support non-profit organization and/or victims directly. Donate money, clothes, shelter or provide them with opportunities which will enable them to find a better life.

And finally, make a resolve to never let any perpetrator get away with the act of destroying someone’s life. As a human being, it is our duty never to let the act of sexual violence go unpunished. So wear awareness wristbands and pledge to affect lives positively as well and as much as you can.

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