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Custom Livestrong Bracelets: The Ultimate Swag Bag Gift for Your Next Event

As 75% of all workers keep at least one promotional item in their work space, there’s proof that swag works. Deciding what you want to give away as swag is hard if you don’t know your attendees intimately. However, custom LiveStrong bracelets are one of the hottest items out there.

Here’s why you should choose this as your hot-ticket giveaway item.

They’re Inexpensive

When you’re considering promotional items that you need for your next event, bracelets are one of the cheapest options available. They’re a high-quality item that you should consider adding to any swag bag that won’t cost you very much.

Many manufacturers can make then for less than 20 cents each. When you buy in enough bulk you could promote your business to thousands of people who wear the bands and the many more who see them. This is an inexpensive investment that gives you a substantial footprint.

There are few promotional items that are as affordable as wristbands are.

They Come in So Many Styles

What’s great about these wristbands is that no two have to look alike. Even if you’re inspired by the popular LiveStrong bracelets, you can have custom LiveStrong bracelets that are all your won.

Your company needs to be unique to thrive in this world. The extensive wristband options out there give you the chance you’re looking to stand out.

They come in so many styles and colors that there’s a unique look out there just for you and your brand. What’s great about how affordable they are to produce is that you can let people choose their own color at your swag table.

By giving people options while still pushing your brand, they’ll develop a deep attachment to the object. They’ll find themselves wearing it long after your event has concluded.

They’re So Durable

When you give people a promotional item, you want it to become a part of their lives. With wristbands, you get a promo item that’s sure to last for years and remind people of your brand every day that they see it.

When you promote your business, you’re not just promoting it to a single customer. You’re promoting it to anyone who ends up with the wrist band or anyone who sees it. You get to amplify your impact for years to come.

It’s possible that your promotional items will change hands several times for several years. People pass the coolest promotional items along to friends and your wristband could be on that some people covet. They’ll be telling other people about your brand along the way.

Brand Your Way

With custom LiveStrong bracelets, you get the chance to brand in a way that makes sense for you. Keep it simple with something that just says your company name. An attractive item with your URL address can do much more than an elaborate piece of swag.

Get minimalist and pick a cool color and add your logo to the bracelet.

However, you definitely want people to check out your website and your brand online. Make sure that your logo makes it clear who you are. A striking wristband can make people curious and even want one of their own.

Serious Visibility

When you promote your brand with a bracelet, you get one promotional item that’s sure to reach as many eyes as possible. Wristbands are clear and visible in ways that cups or pens aren’t.

Pens live in pockets or inside of desk drawers when they’re not being used. Cups live in a cupboard or a dishwasher for most of their life. However, a bracelet is worn by your newly minted brand ambassador and is showcased each time they make a gesture.

T-shirts have long been a great way to get visibility but they’re expensive to produce and people are less likely to wear them. Most people already have plenty of shirts. In the business and professional space, people have far fewer bracelets.

The Perfect Event Object

A bracelet is one of the best items to have and give away at events. When companies hold events, giving out bracelets right when they arrive gets them in the spirit. They can identify other people in the group and it actually facilitates social interaction.

When you have an event at a large space, giving them a trendy and cool item helps you keep track of people. Give them a good slogan or catchphrase on the bracelet and you’ll find them using it over and over. Put some serious thought into the wristband and it can be the most coveted item from your event.

If you have events that have different levels of access, presenters, participants, and regular guests, you can use different colors. This helps people to feel special at your event and also helps you run things. When people are identified by a bracelet or the color of their bracelet, the event will run more smoothly.

It’s also good if you hold any kind of even off-site. It keeps your group together and identifiable, which is easier for hosts to run a promotion or special for guests.

Custom Livestrong Bracelets are Cheap and Easy

When it comes down to putting together your swag bag, you ultimately want something that’s easy to produce and that people will like. Custom LiveStrong bracelets are the best candidate around. They help you organize your event and can make people feel part of their group without having to wear a shirt or uniform.

To ensure that your bracelets do the work of promoting your brand, follow our guide for tips.

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How to Come Up With a Good Tagline for Your Advertising Campaigns

Are you looking to launch a new advertising campaign? Are you struggling to come up with a good tagline?

Though a tagline involves a few words, formulating an effective one is not as easy as you think. Before McDonald’s came up with “I’m Lovin’ It,” the company spent time doing research and brainstorming.

Before Nike said “Just Do It,” they first paid their dues in terms of planning.

There is no question that taglines and slogans affect your branding.

How do you come up with a tagline that will stick in everybody’s minds? What are the keys to creating an effective tagline that represents what your brand is all about?

Keep on reading below as we share with you the secrets.

Formulating a Good Tagline

Taglines and slogans contribute to the success of advertising campaigns. Screwing up your tagline may fail your projects. Thankfully, we are here to share the secrets to formulating a good tagline.

Whether you’re using it on your website or printing it on promotional custom wristbands, the formula remains the same. Let’s take a look at the keys to that winning tagline.

1. Simplicity is Key

This is one of the secrets that go a long way, despite its simplicity (pun intended). People will remember your tagline faster if you keep it short and simple.

Your goal is to limit your tagline to a maximum of nine to 10 words. Another rule of thumb is to stick to the one-sentence rule. The more words and phrases you have, the more confusing it is for your audience.

2. Take Your Time

Practice patience when coming up with your tagline. Give yourself two hours for brainstorming. If you are making a tagline for a client, spend another hour or two consulting with them.

Even if a slogan is only a sentence long, it doesn’t mean you should finish everything in an hour. Give yourself a full day before finalizing your tagline.

3. Tell a Story

You also need to make sure that your tagline tells your story. It should evoke the right emotions that represent what your advertising campaign is all about.

Slogans that stick in the minds of people create deep emotional connections. This means the audience can relate to the tagline’s message.

It doesn’t matter if you have a short tagline. What counts is the compelling message it delivers. Your tagline needs to pique the interest of your target market.

Take for example LG’s tagline “Life’s Good.” It features only two words but the message resonates loudly. It tells the audience that the company’s goal is to make people experience life’s goodness through their products.

The same thing goes for Nike’s “Just Do It.” Those three words send the message that Nike offers products that empower you to do things.

4. Mind Your Logo

For a tagline to work, it needs to complement your logo. When conceptualizing a campaign logo, try to conceptualize it while creating your slogan. This way, you will have an easier time aligning both elements.

If you already have a tagline, try to incorporate the keywords in the logo. You may incorporate the words within the logo’s design. You may also take the idea of the keywords and integrate it with the image of the logo.

5. Consistency a Must

Another secret to an effective tagline is consistency. This means your tagline must complement not only your logo but also the image of your company.

Your tagline should not go against what your brand is all about. Instead, it should reinforce the values your company follows. Your tagline must highlight your authenticity.

Experts say that consistency helps build the trust of your audience. Make sure your tagline aligns with your campaign. Do not come up with phrases that may confuse the audience.

6. Make It Light and Funny

Considering that the world is full of problems, try to keep your taglines light and funny. But make sure not to overdo it. Neither should you force the issue especially if your campaign involves a sensitive subject.

You may consider injecting a joke within the slogan. Do so only if you can without forcing it. Sometimes, inserting jokes doesn’t work and they only make the tagline sound lame.

If jokes don’t work, keep the tone light at the very least.

7. Ask for Inputs

Creativity shouldn’t come from one person alone. Most of the time, an effective tagline is a result of creative collaboration. Thus, make sure you ask for the opinion of others.

Talk to your workmates and ask for their inputs. Write down the best ones and discuss them during your brainstorming sessions.

You can also use social media to get more inputs. You can launch a slogan-making contest for your Twitter or Facebook followers. Make sure you come up with a hashtag so you can track their answers faster.

Even if you think you are the most creative person in the office, you may still miss out on something. The more people working on your tagline, the deeper your pool of ideas become.

8. Stick to Scenarios

One good trick in making an effective tagline is to stick to real-world scenarios. This means making sure that your slogan addresses a specific need in real life.

When a specific scenario happens, you want your audience to remember your tagline. Once they remember it, they will run to your product or service to address the need.

9. Honesty Matters

Last but not least, you need to make sure that your taglines come with honesty. If you are launching a product, make sure that you are not over-promising with your slogan.

Try to avoid using the word “best.” All companies claim to be the best but we all know that is far from reality.

Launch Your Campaign with Our Wristbands

Now that you know how to make a good tagline, you need to find the right medium to launch your message. Apart from your website and social media, small and wearable products are viable options as well.

We offer Custom wristbands and rubber bracelets that come in different colors, styles, and designs. We use different technologies to print your taglines the way you want to.

Shoot us a message and tell us what you need. Let’s launch your campaign the right way, today!

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8 Pro Tips for Using Promotional Gifts and Products to Market Your Business

In the digital age where everyone receives thousands of advertising messages every day, it’s time to cut through the noise with physical products instead.

Unlike unwelcome marketing messages, a huge 83% of people actually welcome free promotional products. We’re all the same at heart: we just can’t resist a freebie.

Whether you need to stand out at a trade show or encourage existing customers to stay loyal, promotional gifts are a savvy way to boost your return on investment in your marketing strategy.

Why Branded Gifts Must Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You may think you simply don’t have the budget to buy promotional products for your company, but wait!

Branded items build awareness of your company, logo, and contact details so your business becomes front-of-mind on a regular basis. People keep branded items for an average of 8 months: just think about how many others see your company branding whenever your item is used over this period.

8 Easy Tips to Maximize the Impact of Promotional Gifts

Everyone has a bunch of promotional pens, notepads, and mugs in their office arsenal – so how do you make sure your item is the one they reach for?

Follow these top tips to generate the biggest return on investment from your branded giveaways!

1. Cheap Isn’t Always Best

Quality is always going to win over quantity when it comes to choosing your promotional items. You don’t have to spend a fortune – but do consider going one level up from the cheapest possible item.

Customers will remember how the item feels, and whether it lasts, and associate this with your business. If they think you’ll cheap out on marketing your business they’ll wonder what else you skimp on!

2. Useful Items Boost Brand Awareness

Nobody needs another weird fuzzy animal with a ribbon tag on it (you know exactly what we mean). Even Sharon in Accounts has used up all her desk space with cuddly promo toys and stress balls.

Opt for something useful like a reusable water bottle, a promotional mug, or even a branded USB stick. Your item will then be used regularly and your brand awareness increases tenfold!

3. Be Creative (Do They REALLY Need Yet Another Free Pen?)

On the same line of useful versus useless items, think creatively about what you can offer.

Fashionable branded wristbands, for example, are a great way to promote your brand and work particularly well for events. Why? You can easily track who has already visited your stand as they wear their wristband afterward! Corner them in the networking lounge and have that sales conversation you’ve trained so hard for.

4. Cater to Your Audience

If you’re a fitness brand maybe don’t offer free branded chocolate or sweets at every opportunity. Decide who your target customer is and develop branded gifts that they’ll like and use.

For example, busy clients always on-the-go can join the plastic-free revolution with a branded bamboo travel mug. Or sports lovers will make the most of a promotional towel, t-shirt, or even branded headphones.

5. Encourage Swag Swiping at Events

You might feel a little pained if you see someone swiping lots of your paid-for-from-a-tight-marketing-budget swag – but let them!

The more swag someone takes from your stall, the more likely they are to pass it to other people. They’ll get back to the office and hand out your promotional items to a wealth of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ at their freebie haul.

These colleagues then use your promotional products – meaning even more people are now aware of your brand.

6. Offer a Selection of Gift Options

It’s tempting to just opt for one promotional gift in bulk to save on unit and shipping costs.

However, if you want to capture the attention of a wider audience, you must offer a selection of items to choose from. Some people might actually want and need a free pen, while others are truly focused on the organic cotton tote bag to stash their swag.

Choose at least three promotional gift types to offer at events and launches to cater to a wide audience and increase the likelihood of your brand being spread far and wide.

7. Trade a Better Giveaway for Data

Small branded items like tins of mints or sticky notes are great to capture the sort-of-interested-but-not-sure type of potential customer.

To get the really good, hot leads from the I-want-your-product-but-am-playing-hard-to-get clients, have something better up your sleeve to offer. Trade a business card or a questionnaire, even a one-to-one sales meeting, in return for your high-value promotional gift.

This also creates the feeling of the client already completing a transaction with you. That builds a relationship without you having to do anything, and creates a sense of trust and loyalty that helps turn them into must-buy-now customers.

8. Use Promo Gifts for Existing Clients, Too

Promotional giveaways aren’t solely for trade events and product launches (although they are very useful for them). Consider making your existing clients feel valued with a personalized branded gift from time to time, too.

You don’t even need to wait for the holiday season to roll around to send gifts. When a customer reaches a special milestone, such as their tenth order with your business, send them something they’ll love. Personalize a laptop case, for example, and they’ll use it with pride.

Start Small to Win Big

The best promotional gifts are those that people can use or wear. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create must-have giveaways that’ll bring all the clients to your yard (milkshake not required).

Small items such as custom rubber wristbands help establish the first steps of brand awareness and client relationship building – and won’t cost your entire annual marketing budget, either.

Contact us today to find out more about using promotional products to boost your brand!

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7 Brilliant Benefits of Business Promotional Products

Even with a tiny budget, business promotional products are worth the investment. Not convinced?

Check it out:

Those numbers are pretty strong, right? Investing in giveaways for events, trade shows, product launches, or even ‘just because’ is a great way to boost brand awareness.

If you need a little more than these few facts to take to your marketing director to release the budget for promo items, keep reading. They’re gonna love this.

7 Undeniable Benefits of Business Promotional Products

Promotional gifts work for your brand in several ways. Use any (or all) of these top reasons to use branded gifts to persuade the person holding your budget that it is a great business investment.

1. Products Get Used Time and Again

A branded gift isn’t a one-time thing. It’s not going to get lost in the desk drawer in a pile of other business cards.

A handy mug, a stylish bracelet, a t-shirt for the gym: people use branded items all the time. Why pay for something when you’ve already got a freebie item in your drawer/kitchen/office that does the job?

Every time someone reaches for your promotional product to help them in some way, they’ll think about your brand. A logo on a gym bag, for example, is an unobtrusive yet daily reminder about the time the customer interacted with your company.

2. Reach More People with the Same Product

People using your promo gifts all the time means something else: others will see your branding, too.

The bamboo travel mug is seen by everyone on the daily commute. The notepad is witnessed in use during weeks of meetings. Offering useful branded giveaways means your logo and contact details become familiar to those around your customer as well as the person using the item all the time.

Think of the extra real-life impressions you gain from just one promotional item. It’s amazing!

3. Build a Recognizable Brand

Promotional products are a perfect way to build an instantly recognizable brand. Think about some famous brands for a moment: if you removed the words from Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, or United Airlines, people still recognize the company the logo represents.

Establishing such a strong brand is easy when you keep the style cohesive throughout your promotions. Always use the same colors, logo, and fonts when designing promotional products if you want to create a brand people understand at a glance.

It’s not just about color and logo, either: the quality of items you choose to give away will tell customers a lot about how much you value them.

Sticking to a set color palette might feel boring but it’s the way to go if you want people to see a certain Pantone shade and instantly associate it with your company.

4. Create Brand Memorability (Not Just Awareness)

Sure, loads of people will see your logo and become familiar with what you do. But there’s more to it than simply recognizing your brand: you’ll be the go-to choice when they need someone who does what you do.

People keep desk accessories for an average of 14 months. That means that for 14 months, they’ll be looking at your brand several times a week an associate it with their own work. When they need your service, they’ll think of – and go to – you.

5. Boost Loyalty with Existing Customers

Promotional items aren’t just for enticing new clients to use your services. The branded candy at a trade show will draw customers to you, sure, but more selective promotional gifts can be used to boost loyalty.

Sending existing clients gifts as a thank-you for trial sign-ups, their customer anniversary with you, or ‘just because’, will help them feel valued.

Sometimes, all it takes is the offer of an extra gift with their next order to make someone return to you instead of going elsewhere. The gift doesn’t have to be big and expensive, either: small and useful products are more valued to most customers.

This boosts loyalty and encourages them to continue using your product or service instead of shopping with competitors.

6. Exchange Giveaways for Leads

People love getting something for nothing – but they’re also willing to trade if the giveaway is good enough.

Just like a downloadable PDF guide is a great online lead generator, high-value branded items can encourage customer actions too. At trade shows or events, offer free branded chocolate to anyone – but something better if you can gather data from people.

People are more willing to trade their details and gain interest in your company if they think they’re going to get something out of it, too. Offer a branded USB stick in return for a business card, for example, or give a promotional mug to anyone completing a short questionnaire.

7. Make Your Brand Desirable

Promotional gifts are not just about the leads you gain from a direct giveaway. Think about providing a gift that’s so awesome or trend-setting that, when people see others using or wearing it, they just gotta have it too.

Look at the worldwide fitness craze for the Insanity program: only those customers completing the 30 days will receive a free – promotional – t-shirt. People feel pride in themselves and claim the t-shirt, but all they’re really doing is promoting the program to others in their gym.

Employees Need Swag, Too

Business promotional products aren’t just for your customers or to tempt potential clients. Employee swag is a great way to build brand ambassadors in those already dedicated to your company.

Fashionable items always work well for this, as app startup IFTTT discovered with their branded socks. Just like the Insanity t-shirt, the fashionable item becomes desirable. People want to wear it: they want to be your promoter.

Small items like custom rubber bracelets provide a great opportunity to build buy-in from employees as ambassadors. They become a must-have item and, soon enough, other people will want to know how to get one, too.

Find out more about our custom bracelets and how to turn them into the next essential fashion item everyone wants!

Promotional product ideas

Promoting Your Business: The Top Promotional Item Ideas

Giving away promotional products is the most effective advertising technique. In fact, 83% of people are more likely to do business with a company after receiving a promo product and 81% keep their promotional item for over a year.

But with so many promotional products on the market today, how will you choose the best ones? Ideally, you want a product that is practical and will last for years to come.

Do you need some inspiration? Then keep reading to discover the best promotional product ideas for your business.

Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets became hugely popular when campaigns like “Livestrong” and “I [heart] Boobies” used them as their signature promotional product. And they haven’t gone anywhere.

These bracelets can be personalized with different colors to make them attractive to a variety of customers. While these are great for any business, consider using them to promote your company’s fundraising efforts as people may be more likely to purchase and wear them if they know their money is going to a good cause.

Reusable Water Bottle

With the impact of global warming being a much-talked-about topic, more and more people are trying to do their part to save the environment. And one of the easiest ways to reduce the use of plastic is to buy reusable water bottles.

You can show your customers that you’re trying to do your part too by giving away branded reusable water bottles. Plus, when people take their water bottles on hikes, gym trips, and work, tons of other people are sure to see your promo product.

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are the go-to for everything from days at the zoo to music festivals. They’re lightweight enough to help the wearer stay comfortable all day but durable enough to hold everything they need.

So, why not give your customers a versatile drawstring bag that they can take with them on all their outings? Of course, you’re sure to get plenty of exposure when other people in the crowd see your drawstring bag.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular with 47% of Millennials already owning at least one piece of smart home tech. In fact, the smart home industry is expected to be worth 40 billion by 2020.

You can help your customers get their feet wet by giving away smart plugs. The user simply plugs these into any outlet and then plugs something else into it, such as a lamp or curling iron. They can connect the plug to Wi-Fi and control it from their smartphone.

This means that they can turn that lamp off while they’re at work to save precious energy! Not only are these giveaways sure to be a hit, but it’s a great way to show potential customers that your business is modern and tech-forward.

4-in-1 Camera Lens

People have ditched the classic camera and are now opting to take quality pictures using their phone. While most smartphones have great cameras to begin with, there’s always room for improvement.

That’s where the 4-in-1 camera lens comes into play. By simply placing it over their smartphone’s camera, your potential customers can switch between 4 different lenses, ensuring they get the best picture every time.

Keyboard Cleaners

Have you ever looked down and noticed just how dirty your keyboard was? Chances are, your potential customers have done the same.

Keyboard cleaners are an affordable and helpful giveaway. Your potential customers will feel much better after their keyboard has been cleaned, and they’ll likely keep it in their desk to use over time. They may even loan it to their coworkers, increasing your visibility.

Phone Screen Cleaners

Your keyboard isn’t the only thing that gets dirty. Phone screens often get smudged and full of fingerprints.

A simple phone screen cleaner can make a great giveaway as it’s affordable and extremely useful. There are even small ones that can stick to the back of your customer’s phone, so they always have it on them.

Pen and Stylus Combo

Pens are a classic giveaway that aren’t going anywhere. While you could give out a regular pen, why not take this to the next level by getting a pen and stylus combo?

These are regular click pens, but the click top doubles as a stylus. This allows your potential customers to take notes and navigate their tablets with just one device.

3-Color Highlighter

While more and more things are being done online, companies are still using a lot of paper in their daily operations. So, your potential customers still need basic office supplies like pens and highlighters.

That’s why 3-color highlighters are such a great giveaway. They allow your customers to color coordinate documents, and they’ll get plenty of use which increases your brand awareness.

Unique Rubber Duck

Do you want your customers to see your company as fun, unique, or whimsical? Then a personalized rubber duck is the perfect giveaway!

While you can get these in solid colors with your logo stamped on the side, it’s better to go with a character. Consider making your mascot into a rubber duck or choose a character that relates to your company. For example, a pet grooming company may choose a dog-themed rubber duck.

These are so adorable that your potential customers are sure to keep them on their desk or in their home. And when your customers see these ducks every day, your brand awareness will increase.

Best Promotional Product Ideas

Don’t settle for a boring or ineffective giveaway. Instead, use our guide to pick the best promo product for your company. From rubber bracelets to office supplies, there are tons of promotional product ideas that are sure to be a hit.

Are you ready to promote your company using giveaways? Then start designing your custom rubber wristbands today!

best promotional product

It’s a Success: The 5 Best Promotional Product Success Stories

The best promotional business items don’t need to break your bank. What they need to do is break into people’s minds. 

Geez, that sounds a little like Inception. And in a way, the best promotional product is like that. 

If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a really rough sum up of its premise — professional thieves break into people’s subconscious minds to steal, or, in the case of the movie, plant information in the mind that feels like a genuine idea. 

Marketing products and promotional products do the same, bring the memory of your company back to people’s minds. Hopefully, this happens often enough to the point that the user becomes a customer or recommends your brand, products or services. 

So let run through the 5 best promotional product success stories we can think of to give you an idea of what your business promotional item needs are. 

Let’s roll!

A Quick Refresher

The best promotional items combine a number of things to be successful. A few of them are utility or usefulness, perceived quality, precise brand images, and displayability.

Things that are not seen as useful or worth it don’t get used or put in a place that is frequently seen. Either literally or figuratively, these items end up, at worst, in the trash or, at best, in that one drawer of miscellaneous junk that everyone has in their house. 

Further, items that are perceived as being expensive or valuable take the item more seriously; sometimes it is seen and treated as a gift if the effect is powerful enough. 

1. Livestrong Bracelets 

For about a decade, Lance Armstrong was the American athlete of the moment. His story was amazing — a cancer survivor that beat the odds and became one of the most accomplished cyclists of all time by winning the Tour de France seven times. 

His charitable foundation, the Livestrong Foundation, partnered with Nike to create and sell the iconic yellow debossed bracelets to raise money for the foundation and raise awareness around cancer. 

Livestrong and Nike sold as many as 80 million bracelets by one count. But soon after, Lance Armstrong crashed and burned as allegations surfaced that he used drugs to become the best cyclist in the world. 

Apart from the personal and brand failure of Armstrong, the Livestrong bracelet is an enduring reminder of the power of promotional material. 

We can make you your own custom debossed bracelets. The simplicity and power of the silicone bracelet remain unvarnished and relevant as ever. Click here to see your options. 

2. MAGA Hats

Love ’em or hate ’em the gaudy, deep red hats bearing President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan are probably the latest promotional item wonder hit. 

They hit all the high marks for a promotional item — has perceived utility, very displayable and widely used in public and easy to put clear logos and messaging. 

Say what you will about the man, Trump understands the power and importance of branding. The MAGA hat stands for a singular artifact that embodies his brash nature, the head-turning nature of his campaign and presidency and boldness that people use to support his political career. 

A Trump campaign reelection rep claimed that the campaign has distributed 1 million hats in exchange for donations.  

3. Starbucks Travel Mugs

The Starbucks logo and brand name are among the best-known and most valuable intellectual properties in the world. It is effectively synonymous with coffee and coffee shops. 

The company was founded in Seattle, WA in 1971. Now, the company had a mind-boggling 29,300 stores worldwide at the end of 2018.  

And for every store (at least American store), there are several people in the area that own a branded Starbucks travel mug or tumbler. This is a great example of how to drive a brand even deeper than its perceived saturation point. 

4. The Foam Finger

This promotional item is synonymous with sporting events at all levels, especially the American powerhouse sports of baseball, football and basketball. 

But the beloved oversized appendage and digit didn’t just spontaneously burst into existence. It was invented by a guy named Steve Chmelar. He first displayed an oversized hand pointing a finger made out of paper-mâché in1971 when he was a student at Ottumwa High School in Ottumwa, Iowa. 

If you don’t remember (and be glad you don’t IMO), Chmelar was for a time coupled to a beef with Miley Cyrus. Click here if you need a reminder. 

5. The Terrible Towel 

The Terrible Towel is the iconic yellow towel that the National Football League team the Pittsburgh Steelers distributes to fans to display and wave at its home games. 

Invented in 1975 by the late sports broadcaster Myron Cope, the yellow terry cloth towel was a simple but brilliant way to engage fans at home games. 

It’s hard to tell how many untold millions of Terrible Towels have been produced. But one little known impact of the Terrible Towel is quite quantifiable. 

In 1996, Cope transferred the copyright of the Terrible Towel to a nonprofit that is now called Merakey Allegheny Valley School. In the 1990s it was just the Allegheny Valley School. 

Royalties from sales of the official Terrible Towel have supported the organization — which provides homes and a spectrum of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities — to the tune of about $5 million, according to the group’s website

Let Us Help You Find Your Best Promotional Product

You know your promotion, branding and marketing effort better than anyone. But how do you get that effort out into the world? 

Work with us to get one of the most affordable and scalable promotional products on the market in the hands of your potential clients. 

We will help you achieve prime customization that lines up with your look and your brand. Get started online with our customization tool today.  

medical alert bracelet

Medical Alert Bracelets: Saving Lives in An Emergency

If you suffer from certain medical conditions, your doctor may recommend that you get a medical alert bracelet.

What do you understand by the term a medical alert bracelet?

It’s a small identification tag worn as a bracelet or a necklace by a patient that bears important medical information.

In addition to medical information, the tag may have a phone number that you can contact a physician or the patient’s caregiver or his or her next of kin.

A medical alert bracelet is of great importance to people with medical conditions such as allergies, epilepsy, memory impairment, diabetes, blood disorders, high blood pressure, and rare diseases, among others.

Here are some life-saving benefits of a medical alert bracelet.

1. It Eliminates Unnecessary Trips to the Hospital

As an individual with a severe medical condition, you would want to limit the number of trips you make to the hospital.

The medical alert bracelet alerts your doctor on the critical instances that you require medical attention. This will save you from making unnecessary hospital trips, which tend to be costly and time-consuming.

2. It Reduces Superfluous Hospital Admissions

Having a medical alert bracelet saves you from unnecessary hospital admissions because the medical personnel treating you will have a background history of your medical information.

This will enable them to quickly point out your health issue, thus saving you from unnecessary hospital admissions.

3. It Prevents Minor Emergencies from Becoming Something Major

Imagine a situation whereby a person with hypertension gets a heart attack. If they don’t have a medical alert bracelet, it would be difficult to contact their doctor. Therefore the situation can escalate to the point of death.

However, if you have a medical alert bracelet, it will be easier to contact your doctor in case of a medical emergency.

4. In Cases of Emergencies, the Medical Alert Bracelet Speaks For You

A medical bracelet acts as a second mouth for you in situations when you cannot talk. For instance, imagine if you get into an accident and sustained severe head injuries. At the same time, you have severe allergies that the doctors attending to you need to know.

If you don’t have a medical alert bracelet, the medical personnel might administer medication which will worsen your situation.

If you had a medical alert bracelet with information about your allergies, then it would provide the necessary information that doctors require to administer the proper treatment.

5. It Protects You from Potentially Harmful Medical Errors

Medical emergencies may arise anywhere, especially if you have specific medical conditions. For example, take these three patients. One has a rare disease, the other has diabetes, and the third suffers from severe allergies.

How do medical alert bracelets protect the patients from potential medical errors?

They provide information to the doctor of the kind of allergies the patient has. That way, the doctor knows what treatments to avoid.

In case of a diabetic patient, the doctor will distinguish whether the patient has diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus. This way if the patient becomes comatose, the doctor will know the right treatment.

Rare diseases cause allergic reactions to specific treatments administered. Medical alert bracelets help inform the doctor treating you of your rare medical condition.

6. It Ensures Effective Treatment

Medical alert bracelets play a vital role in ensuring you get the right medical treatment. For instance, if you have a medical alert bracelet that shows you have had cancer in the past, it will be easy to make a quick diagnosis in case it reoccurs.

Sometimes, it’s easy to make mistakes in diagnosis. You might mistake certain signs and symptoms for a particular ailment while they belong to another.

The medical information engraved on a medical alert bracelet acts as a guide for a doctor while making a medical diagnosis. This way, you can receive the correct medical treatment.

7. It Provides Evidence of a Medical Condition as a Requirement by the Law Enforcement

Medical bracelets have proved to be very efficient in proving the existence of a medical condition in a given individual.

For instance, people who suffer from memory impairment or mental disorders might, at times, find themselves in trouble with law enforcement. They might do something that violates the law without their knowledge.

In such a case, such an individual requires getting the right medical treatment for his condition. But how can law enforcement officers prove he is mentally impaired? A medical bracelet comes in handy at such a situation.

8. It’s an Essential Medical Tool for Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs require special attention. Let’s say you have a child with such a condition as autism. The child may not express his or herself entirely in case of a medical emergency.

In such a case, those around him or her, such as teachers will know how to respond to the child’s needs by using the information of the medical alert bracelet.

9. It Informs the Medical Personnel of Preexisting Medical Conditions

If you suffer from medical conditions such as asthma, kidney failure, epilepsy, among others, it’s crucial to have a medical bracelet.

It not only informs the doctor of your preexisting medical condition before administering treatment.

Besides, in case you would collapse or have a medical emergency, those around you will give the appropriate first aid procedures before getting you to a medical facility.

How Can You Tell The Best Medical Alert Bracelet To Use?

While getting a medical alert bracelet, choose one that is easily identified by medical personnel and the people around you.

It’s important to do your research first to avoid buying cheap promotional medical alert bracelets that will not serve you for long.

Instead, get a medical alert bracelet that you can easily access, and the information engraved can be understood.

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custom wristbands

Custom Wristbands: The Secret Ingredient of Marketing

Are you looking for fun promo items your customers will be excited to receive? How about something that shows off how unique your business is but won’t break the bank? Custom wristbands check all those boxes and then some!

Made of durable, brightly-colored silicone, wristbands are a great way to get your company’s message out there in a way that customers will appreciate. Here are the reasons why you should get some cool custom wristbands for your business.  

Why Every Business Needs Promotional Items

Every business needs to get the word out about what they do in order to be successful, and promotional materials are an important way of doing that. Promo items are a budget-friendly method of getting long-lasting exposure.

Giving out promotional gifts keeps your business in front of your customers’ minds and helps them to recognize your brand much more easily. Think of promo items as a business card people can actually use in their daily lives. 

People can much more easily ignore other types of advertising than they can free merchandise. Plus, giving out these gifts helps you build a good relationship with your potential customers. People tend to appreciate when a company makes the effort to give them something, no matter how small it may be. 

Why Custom Wristbands Are Good for Business

A brightly-colored wristband on a customer’s wrist is a great way to keep your brand close at hand (see what I did there?). Custom wristbands are inexpensive to make and a super popular fashion accessory.

You remember those little yellow wristbands that were everywhere a few years back. While society isn’t quite as flooded by wristbands as they were in those days, they have by no means gone out of style. They’re still a popular way of supporting causes, whether charitable, ideological, or for profit. 

Custom wristbands are a great way to raise awareness about your business and what it can offer. They provide the perfect amount of space for a catchy slogan and your logo, and you can customize them to suit your business in a ton of different ways. 

Having people wear your wristband is also a great method of free advertising. Studies show most people keep promo items for an average of eight months. Think about how much free advertising you could be getting if people hang on to their wristbands for anywhere near that long.  

Benefits of Custom Wristbands

A clever slogan and a cool design make for a snazzy accessory customers will be excited to put on. Custom wristbands are a promo material with a very active social life since they stand up so well to daily wear.

They’re made of silicone, which is very durable and hypoallergenic. It’s waterproof and stands up well against the heat. Silicone wristbands are perfect for an active lifestyle and comfortable enough to wear for days on end. 

They’re also very affordable. Silicone wristbands often cost less than a dollar apiece, and that price usually goes down the more of them you buy at a time. 

Silicone wristbands are also easy to transport since they are super lightweight and don’t take up much space. They are the perfect promo item to give out en masse or to take with you to a business event. 

Another huge benefit of silicone wristbands is that they are endlessly customizable. You can choose just about any color under the sun and sizes are available in a wide range.

Half an inch is the standard size for wristbands, but you can go smaller for a daintier look or up to a full inch for a bold statement. There are a ton of printing options, too.

Wristbands can be debossed for an engraved look, embossed for a 3D effect, or printed for a smooth finish. Choose a font that best represents your business and colors that make it all pop. Get creative to make sure your wristbands stand out from the crowd.

Why Customers Like Wristbands

It’s no secret that people love getting free stuff, and custom wristbands are the perfect free goodies to give out to potential customers. Customers will appreciate this small act of kindness.

It’s a great way to get your business relationship started in a positive way. People are overwhelmed with visual ads from all the screens we’re exposed to on a daily basis. So having a real, physical gift to give customers automatically sets your business apart. 

Silicone wristbands are also a very unobtrusive marketing gift. They are easy to wear, and they won’t clutter up your customers’ homes. They are low-profile enough to not seem like a big investment of space but fun enough to keep around. 

Silicone wristbands work well with an active lifestyle. They hang out on your wrist and don’t interfere with daily activities. They’re easy to clean if they get dirty.

Some people might try to tell you that silicone jewelry is no longer in fashion, but that’s far from the case. People are even opting for silicone wedding rings because of how comfortable, affordable, and cool-looking the material is.

Silicone jewelry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fun, durable, and customizable, silicone wristbands are popular for a reason. 

Design Wristbands for Your Business Today 

Wristbands are a great choice of promotional items for your business if you want to grow your brand awareness and give your customers a little gift they’ll enjoy.

Help your customers look cooler by designing some custom wristbands today. It’ll help get the word out about how amazing your business is, and your customers will love you more for it.  

create a slogan

9 Tips to Create the Perfect Slogan for Your Merchandise

What is a slogan? A slogan is a phrase that concisely summarizes the core of your product or service. Hence a slogan communicates the key benefit of your company.

Slogans can be fun and memorable; others can be inspirational like a product philosophy. On average, the number of words per slogan of S&P 500 companies is four. The majority of the slogans have four words or less.

The importance of a tagline cannot be underestimated; eight out of ten people will read a tagline if they come across your advertisements.

If you want to create the perfect slogan for your merchandise, there are several things you need to consider. First, you need to ensure that the slogan is relatable and shows what products and services you offer. Secondly, when you create a slogan, ensure that it is short, simple, and easy to remember.

1. Simple and Short

When creating a slogan, you want to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Your company slogan will create the first impression and awareness. You need to have a catchy, easy to remember slogan that can be associated with what you believe in.

When you create a slogan, aim at using one sentence to summarize the message. Your slogan should tell the consumers what product you are selling. If you have an idea of using one word to sum up what you are doing, then stick to that.

2. Have a Timeless Slogan

When you think of a tagline for your business, think about its longevity.

You want to create a slogan that can be used for some length of time. When starting your business, you always envision it being an empire. 

If you want your business to still be relevant in the next few years, then your slogan needs to be relevant too.

There will always be changes in technology and new inventions will always be created. Hence, to remain relevant, avoid using words like “the only,” as this could limit your growth.

3. Pair It with a Creative Logo

When you want to capture the attention of your target customers, pair your company slogan with a creative logo.

Ensure that the logo and the slogan complement each other and that they represent one idea. Make both the logo and the slogan simple and easy to remember.

Additionally, ensure that both the slogan and the logo tell a similar story and show people what your business is all about.

Having a logo that stands out ensures that people can remember it and associate it with your business. Even when you change the tagline, people will still know the business because of the logo.

4. Consider Your Target Audience

Think of the targeted customers or consumers you want your business to reach.

Is your business targeting people in your country, local area, or are you planning to be international? Then create a slogan that aligns with all the cultural backgrounds of the different people you’ll be targeting.

Ensure that when your slogan is translated into another language, it doesn’t sound awkward. Make sure it still makes sense and does not offend anyone. You can hire a translator to translate your slogan into different languages and ensure that the meaning does not get lost in translation.

5. Show What Makes Your Brand Great and Special

When creating a logo, think of its unique advantage

  • What makes your company special?
  • What services do you offer that make you stand out?

Incorporate that in the slogan to make your customers feel appreciated and involved in anything that you are doing. Look for something that makes you stand out.

Think about your services. Is there anything special and unique that your company does to keep the customers happy? Then use that as your slogan as people will be able to associate with it.

6. Make Sure Your Slogan Can Stand Alone

In your business, the ultimate goal is to get enough customers to make a profit. You can’t make a profit if people can’t tell what services or products you are selling. Ensure that your slogan can stand on its own and tells the message of what you do.

Your slogan should be able to explain to people what services or products they will get from your company. Even without them looking at your services, they have an idea of what you provide.

7. Be Consistent

Use the same logo and slogan in all the products that are produced by the company.

You don’t want to have a case where one of your products has a different slogan from the other. This can create confusion, and your customers may not even know if the products are from the same company.

Use a similar logo and slogan when marketing all your products in any country. The only thing that you should change is the color background or the color of the slogan and logo. This will create a new look to the products but still maintain your unique brand.

8. Create a Slogan with Honesty

Honesty is one of the keys to a successful business as it helps build trust in your brand.

If you think you can deliver high-quality products and services, then create a slogan that says that without appearing egocentric. When people realize that you sound full of yourself, chances are they will not be interested in your products.

Ensure that you don’t overpraise yourself and not deliver things as you said you would.

Don’t put too much effort on your slogan by making people feel like your company is a big deal and then fail in your delivery.

9. Use Humor

Jokes can create a lasting impression. When you hear a funny business slogan, you will be enticed to know what they offer. You will be interested in learning more about the brand since it made you laugh.

Although it’s not a must for you to have a sense of humor in delivering a message, sometimes it pays off.

Ensure that the joke used is unique and still shows what your business is all about.

Bottom Line

Create a slogan that is catchy, edgy, fun, and creative. Having a slogan creates awareness for your business. For example, a wristband with your logo and slogan can help people know about your business, not to mention it is also a trendy fashion statement.

Click here and find more fantastic ideas about making the perfect catchphrase for your company.

make rubber bracelets

How Are Silicone Bracelets Made? A Step-by-Step Guide

Remember when Lance Armstrong wore his yellow Livestrong silicone bracelet to build awareness in the fight against cancer? It later became his symbol when he created the Livestrong foundation.

Since then, silicone bracelets have been all the rage as a nonprofit fundraising and marketing tool. They get messages across like the yellow bands worn in MLB in 2018. And they’re also used by companies as a fun way to market and build their brand, like how Nike goes with the swoosh on the yellow.

But how exactly do you make rubber bracelets, you ask?

To give you a heads up on the wristband manufacturing process, we’ve put together this quick guide of basics. Keep reading to find out how simple it is to get these rubber bracelets made and then start thinking about how you can use them for your brand, messaging or fundraiser.

The Ideal Material for Wristbands

First, let’s take a quick look at the material and why it’s so great for the bracelets. Silicone is a versatile bonded polymer that makes it easy to work with, yet durable and strong. It’s man made with oxygen, silicon (think Silicon Valley), and other elements, often hydrogen and carbon, that give it elastomeric features.

Silicone has many uses as either a liquid or the rubbery plastic that’s used in the bracelets. It’s used in everything from shampoo and auto lube to electric insulation and kitchenware. It also seals pipes and makes containers water tight. 

Another bit of trivia is that it is used to keep devices/electronics from getting shocked. But don’t think that’s what your bracelet is for! Think cool-looking fun and practical wrist wear.

For bracelets, silicone works ideally since it’s so flexible and waterproof, making it easy to put on and take off. It’s also quite sturdy.

The flexibility makes it super easy to customize. You can get the thickness, colors, and design you want. It’s also easy to emboss in various ways.

The Process

The wristband manufacturing process has been the same since the bracelets became so popular and useful in the 2000s. It’s basic and simple thanks to how easy silicone is to mold.

All you need to do is think about your messaging, colors, design, and size. You have so many options for colors, size, and style and the manufacturer will have you covered.


Before construction can begin, you/the client gives specifications, including size, colors, messages, logos, and design. The whole project should reflect the brand and message you want to convey.

The most common size is one half inch wide and from 7 to 8.5 inches in circumference.

To start, the base rubber silicone stock is made by mixing the elements together. Typically, the color of the desired main bracelet is mixed in at this point. Often bracelets are multicolored so all the needed stock is made at this point.

Color for letters and images or design can be added to some stock at this point but can also be added as a second layer later. Also, lettering may be printed on or carved later anyway. 

Next, the base rubber silicone stock is shaped into tubes or strips by cutting. The thickness of the tubes and strips can vary as needed.

Then, it’s time to mold the silicone stock. A steel mold is used. The stock goes in and is melted and a cross-section of the bracelet is done.

This cast can then be made to fit your needs to make the custom bracelet you want. 

Messages and Logos

There are a variety of ways to add messaging and this is the key difference in how you make these bracelets.

For example, you can color print lettering and logos on after the mold is made. The least expensive option for that is silk-screening. You can also carve letters in or emboss. Here is the full list of ways to do the messaging.

Embossed Printing

The letters and logo look raised. It’s a 3-D effect that is molded right on the bracelet.

Embossed Filled

Ink is added to the letters to enhance the raised effect. This one is popular because it makes the letters stand out even more.

Debossed Printing

This is the Lance Armstrong-bracelet lettering style. Think yellow band with “Livestrong” on it. Laser carving is used to engrave the message right onto the wristband. This is popular and easy to produce in bulk.


Ink is printed right onto the bracelet. This style of printing gives you plenty of flexibility in design. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to get the messaging on.

Silkscreen printing can be used. Messaging can be printed on the inside and outside of the band.

Ink-Printed Debossed

Ink is added to the engraved letters. This makes the letters stand out.

Since the ink is in the recessed engraved letters, it gets added protection. Some people like this better than a standard print since the ink may last longer.

Dual-Layer Printing

Two layers in different colors are made. Letters and design are carved in the outside layer so you can see the color of the inside layer underneath. The outer layer is typically colored with oil spray. 

This one is more difficult to make but it looks really cool and people love to wear it.

Figured Printing

A space is molded into the central area of the band, where the writing goes. The messaging is printed into the space. 

Clients love this one because it really draws the eye to the letters and logo. The debossed types of printing can be combined with this one.

Make Rubber Bracelets for Your Messaging

Now that you know how easy it is to make rubber bracelets and how simple it is to customize them for your messaging and needs, it’s time to give them a go for your nonprofit, business or fundraiser. All you need is the message and your look, and we can help you come up with some different designs and price points.

Give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have and get you started today. 

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