Memorable Valentine's Day

The Lover’s Day: 5 Budget Gift Ideas For A Memorable Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day has always been a festival of love. A day to remember and love what makes a couple stay together even after all the troubles they go through together. It’s a day to find and believe in the things that made you fall in love with each other all those years ago.

These days, however, Valentine’s day has become somewhat of a status symbol. There’s always a competition to prove who loves the other more by spending thousands of dollars on your significant other.

This becomes a problem for an average middle-class couple who doesn’t have all that money to burn on each other. Well, that doesn’t mean they can’t show their love. Just for my favorite couples who marry or stay together for the love they have for each other here are a few budget ideas that will still prove your love to your other half while not burning a hole in your pocket:

Treasure Hunt:
The feeling of adventure excites our soul. A treasure hunt can do just the same for you and your partner.

Start this treasure hunt by mailing your partner the first clue or place it right next to them if they’re sleeping. Once they are the first one, leave behind something to remind them of a memory you guys shared with every clue they find next in the house. Finally, let them find their way to a picnic in the park or a visit to the museum or anything they’d love doing on their day off.

 Personalize a Gift:
Personalized gifts have really taken over the gifting world. It is so much easier to get personalized rubber bracelets or mugs. It is a beautiful gift when you see a beautiful memory of each other printed on a mug or a calendar full of memories of you each month. You can also make your own wristbands which contains the words you share with each other when you’re in each other’s embrace.

Make a Memory Box:
This is a real tear-jerker but requires you to be a little crafty and would work better if you’re a hoarder like me. Decorate either a shoebox or a decorated cheap wooden box would do. Next, find items which are associated with your best memories. Can be photos, tickets stubs or memorabilia you brought along. Write a story of how you felt when you were with her witnessing it all unfold. Let your partner find that either in the treasure hunt or gift them this.

Cook a Dinner:
Sometimes all you can do is cook your significant other a delicious meal if you can cook decently. Prepare Valentine’s day inspired meal. Heart shaped pancakes, cookies or a full-fledged dinner that oozes of love. It’s better to cook a meal that costs you $50 in groceries than to shed hundreds of dollars on dinner in a random place.

Make a Card:
Sometimes simple things are often the most effective ones. We have made countless cards when we were kids but suddenly started buying one when we grew up. It is advisable to go and make a beautiful personalized card for your loved one. This should and could include craft, art, and your writing skills. Paint a beautiful picture, include decorating this card with beads and paper cutouts of hearts, of something humorous if that’s what you’re going for. Write things you love about them, either in the poem, Haiku or paragraphs. Let them receive it and watch the look on their face!

There’s is not a right or wrong gift when you’re creating something for those you love. If the other person can see the effort and time you put in to make them happy, it’ll make their day and you’ll realize, it never was about the money but about how you make them feel.

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