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How to Get the Attention You Deserve at Your Next Trade Show

About 74% of surveyed people confirmed that branded events influence purchasing decisions. Trade shows are one of those branded events that promote exceptional consumer engagement. They are one of the marketing strategies that never get outdated.

For business owners, trade shows provide an excellent way to meet potential clients and gain exposure. But with the growing competition in this marketing approach, being creative is invaluable.

If you want to appeal to new clients in a show trade, you’ll need to be on top of the game. Check out these 10 practical trade show display ideas that will make your exhibition irresistible.

1. Special Giveaways

Gaining and losing in business is inevitable. But when you lose through giveaways, your market traction is likely to grow. Besides, how best can you convince prospective clients that you have unbeatable products?

If you’re unsure of how to go about giveaways, read more on tips for using promotional gifts in marketing. You’ll realize that freebies will get you where a promotional message can never get you in years. While at it, you can give out branded gifts to increase brand awareness.

2. Use Fabric Architecture

A trade show booth is all about showcasing your creativity. When you use a flexible and lightweight fabric, the structure will seem elaborate. It is likely to evoke someone to step in and admire the interiors.

What’s more, a fabric structure allows adequate natural lighting. In combination with other lighting options, the outcome can be fascinating. You can never go wrong with an appealing booth at a trade show.

Ensure that you go for a fabric that can withstand extreme weather conditions. If it’s hot, the material should be light enough. The comfort of attendees should override aesthetics.

3. Utilize a Pop-up Tent

Pop-up tents are easy to set up and carry around. The tents provide an intimate environment as compared to an open-air event. If you want more foot traffic, a pop-up tent is ideal.

You can have the brand name and message on your pop-up tent. The information on the tent can create brand awareness to by-walkers. When your brand name is out there, the impact on sales will be significant.

4. Educate Attendees

Most people attending an event hope to learn more about products. You ought to make your trade show unforgettable by teaching a new thing. For instance, you can train your attendees how to design memorial bracelets, a skill which they will appreciate.

Teaching a skill will keep attendees glued on the booth. Create opportunities for your audience to try out what you’re teaching. The use of a projector can come in handy if the number of people is high.

Giving insights on the developments and trends in the industry is another way to educate attendees.  An educational experience will prompt prospective clients to inquire more about your products. Ensure that the experience remains as highly engaging as possible.

5. Use Eye-Catching Visuals

From your booth to the trade show tables, your displays should be appealing even to the most uninterested parties. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of cash on visuals. Creativity will take you a long way.

Play around with colors to achieve a stunning outcome. Your choice of hues should communicate vibrancy. The colors need to be consistent with your brand.

Lighting in a trade show booth can change the ambiance and mood. Spotlight graphics can be a great way to emphasize your display. Choose the color of illumination based on your offerings and anticipated audience.

6. Go Big!

Go big or go home! You’ll hardly go wrong when you choose to go big. Innovative companies such as Google can tell you the impact of enormous displays.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a booth display that evokes one’s imagination. You can go for huge pictures, screens, or even stuffed animals. The eye-catching aspect of your booth displays will create lasting memories.

It’s impossible to ignore big things. However, your choice of a ‘big thing’ shouldn’t distract the prospective client from the main agenda.

7. Overhead Hangings

Overhead hangings will draw attention upwards. You can use hangings such as colorful paper balloons. Other than attracting attendees, people can see the hangings from a distance.

The right choice of hangings makes a booth to appear larger. It arouses curiosity and wonder. Overhead hangings are one of the trade show display ideas that will make your exhibition unforgettable.

8. Bring Your Product to Life

You can never go wrong with a ‘living’ wall. Contrary to the expected opinion, a green wall doesn’t have to be for agro-related brands. You can play around with foliage, fresh fruits, and trendy plants to bring an exhibit to life.

A green-inspired exhibition wall is ideal for showcasing products. Such a wall has a higher chance of appealing to a significant percentage of the audience.

9. Be the Party

Most competitors that you consider ‘big’ hardly have fun-filled events. Take advantage of this gap and make all the necessary noise. You should be trending by the time your event is halfway.

Your event should have interactive booths. Have an MC to entertain the crowd with relatable humor. An after-party will help you engage more with the attendees.

10. Take Advantage of Virtual Reality

By 2022, virtual reality is projected to generate about $1.8 billion. The growing use of VR to improve consumer experience is notable. The technology will enhance attendee engagement and increase traffic.

With virtual reality, prospective clients can give timely feedback. It also makes it possible to follow-up on potential consumers.

These Trade Show Display Ideas Will Make Your Event Unforgettable

Your trade show swag is what will get your brand the buzz it deserves. If you can’t be creative, your display booth won’t help you reach more clients. With exceptional trade show display ideas, you will get significant attention from attendees.

You can combine several ideas to give your booth the pomp that will get people talking. If this first impression is the only impression, make it count.

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