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13 Swag Bag Ideas to Make Your Company Stand Out From the Crowd

Hosting an event comes with many moving components. You have to select the venue, come up with a program, and select the speakers.

Between deciding on the decorations and marketing the event, you’ll need to consider swag bag ideas. Customized items for an event are an added touch but need adequate time for planning.

Event organizers are not the only ones who give out swag bags. Oftentimes vendors will distribute their own goodies.

When it comes to conference gift bags, visitors can leave with a lot of promotional items and cool gadgets. Sometimes that’s what attendees are more interested in receiving.

Are you looking for ideas on filling swag bags? Keep reading for 13 things you can include to help your company stand out.

1. Branded T-shirt Swag Bag Ideas

T-shirts are always popular when it comes to conference gift bag ideas. When preparing for an event that has high attendance, you can get custom tees at a low price. 

The best part about handing out t-shirts is people love them and more importantly, they will wear them. They have a great return on investment because they have the potential to reach a wide and diverse audience over time.

2. Journals and Pen

Journals or notepads that come with a pen provide event-goers with something to take notes with. They can also utilize the item at their place of business.

Customize the pages with your logo and contact information. You never know when someone might write a note and pass it on to someone else.

3. Sample Products

Sample products are awesome for swag bags at hair shows. Companies that sell hair care products use the bags as opportunities to hand out samples of their products. If you have a new line coming out it is a great way to get a sample in the hands of consumers.

Skincare products are another line that people love to receive in sample packets. Other industries that do well in branding samples are signature tea and coffee packets. 

4. Scratch-Off Prize Tickets

We’re not talking a lottery scratch-offs but the next best thing. One way to get people to go through their swag bags is to tell them there is a chance to win prizes. 

Customized scratch-off tickets or cards are a cost-effective way to engage your audience. Once people uncover a prize, they must return to your booth to collect their prize. 

Once they arrive to claim their prize, give them a chance to upgrade by learning more about your product or service.

5. Coffee Mug

A lot of people drink coffee and you can never have too many coffee mugs. The more you by the least expensive they are. Coffee mugs are easy to customize with your logo and tag line.

There is a wide array of colors to choose from. Aligning with your brand’s color scheme should not be a problem.

6. Customized Portable Drive

People still use portable drives for their laptops. We can never get enough storage space. It’s also great to have a portable drive available when you’re away from your desk and need to download information.

Portable drives come in unique designs that make them perfect for your conference gift bags. You never know how many times the drives will get passed along.

7. Earbuds 

People can never have enough earbuds. They have a pair in the car, in their gym bag, at work, and every room in the house. Look into having branded earbuds for your swag bags.

They are another inexpensive idea that people will not only appreciate, but they will also use them.

Customized earbuds come in many designs and price ranges. You can also get them in an array of colors and with their own case.

8. Healthy Snacks

Conferences can last all day with limited breaks. Attendees sometimes get embarrassing hunger pains. Emergency snacks can save the day.

Granola bars, cookies, chips, trail mix and more can tide someone over until it’s time to break for lunch. The treats are inexpensive and there are companies that will provide generic snakes and candy in branded packaging.

9. Mini First-aid Kit

First-aid kits are another swag bag favorite. No one wants to be in need of a bandaid or aspiring but its a lifesaver when you have it on hand. 

The mini kits include various size bandaids, aspirins, ointments, antacids, and antibacterial wipes. 

When it comes to choosing items for your conference gist bags it’s not just about branding. You want people to make use of the items.   

10. Blank Hashtag Sign for the Photo Booth

This is a cute idea for events that will have a photo backdrop. Include a blank hashtag sign that attendees can complete and hold up when they take a photo. 

Hashtags are trendy messages people use on social media.

11. Decorative Nametag Holder

Most conferences provide their guest with a nametag. Jazz things up with a decorative nametag holder and a lanyard with your company logo and name.

Custom holders can be ordered with many cute features

12. Stress Ball

The stress ball is still a thing. They are also a good swag bag idea that people will enjoy long after your event. Custom stress balls are another item that has the potential to be passed around. 

13. The Coolest Swag Bag

The trendiest swag bag ideas come in the design of the swag bag itself. When it comes to events where everyone is passing out goodies, bigger is better. Surprise event-goers with an oversized bag they can use to hold all of the smaller bags they’ve collected.

As consumers move towards reusable grocery bags for shopping, you can set the trend and get your brand out into the community. 

Have We Given You Something to Think About?

We hope these swag bag ideas have you thinking about how to brand your giveaways for your next event. Leave people with items they’ll hold on to and a friendly reminder of your business.

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